Galeton, Pennsylvania

Whats the deal people, been looking all morning for information on your web

site for info on hot water heaters, can't find ANYTHING, guess I will shop elsewhere for sure. I think that it is crzy what are they afraid of, that we will find things to buy or what, I like to shop around on line b4 I go in to a store to purchase any thing, but since I can't seem to find out any information on line, I will chose to make my purchase at Lowes or home depot or sears becuase all of their info is on line to view, Menards you lost out on alot of money today.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Deal.

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Wow there are some real *** responding on here. The guy is not looking for Menards to Ship the item ***.

He is looking for what items are available at the store. Plus those items do not fluctuate in cost on a daily basis. My Goodness I hate mean people but I hate mean *** people even more.

I agree with you sir. I would not purchase the water heater either since they were too lazy to list it on their site.


did you ever think about actually going TO the store so you can ask your questions? its about GUEST service, and u cant get that online.


What's a hot water heater. I know what a water heater is but not a hot water.

Hate when people say that. Hot water is already hot and dosn't need to be heated.


Menards has the same items in thier store as lowes,HD,etc.. They "CAN" put a website up like all the rest.

I have all three in my home town.I always look on the net before I shop to check specs,review,all that stuff. I only go {drive} to menards when I dont see what I'm looking for. This is the normal way shopping has become. If menards chooses not to list 98% of thier items on the net thats o.k..

I will over look that 98% too. If I looked on my pc for something they stock but I found it somewere else that listed it on thier site. I'm happy and they lost money. end of sale.

even if they had a better item for less. I will still be happy. Menards is lazy. *** if amazon can list thousands of new items daily then so can menards.

They are loosing money on an astronomical scale. But in the end its not my pocket that will be empty so I dont care. Same Richmond water heater sold at HD under GE/RHEEM lable. I'm 50yrs old and shop like that.

Younger folks will all shop like this in the future. *** not to have as large of website as possible.


your an ***. we make fun of people like when you leave.

"hot water heater?" nope we don't sell them. so have a nice day and come back when you know what you are looking for. plus rather than sitting in your house, how about going to the store and checking it out. the people there actually know stuff and can explain it to you.

or i bet you are the guy that asks me a question then proceeds to explain to me how the b-vent works (if you even know what that is) p.s. they sell Richmond by Rheem


we make fun of people like you. hot water heaters?

we don't sell those sir. have a nice day and come back when you know what you are talking about. you are probably like the guy who asks me a question on water heaters and then wants to explain to me how the b-vent works.

(if you even know what that is). figure out what your going to complain about first before you look like an ***.


retard, have you ever heard of a phone. I dont like phone shoppers but you can use it to find the price and any info on your " hot water"


If you knew anything you would know that Menards stores are in many different markets. Menards deals in commodity goods thats price is affected by local market conditions.

It would be impossible to price there products on line and maintain there everyday low prices which are lower than depot and lowes if they gave one price for products. Ever wonder why menards has lower prices than both of these competitors this is just one of the many


If the water is hot why heat? Your a *** ***.


If the water is hot why heat it? Maybe that is why you couldn't find it, because they don't make such a thing.


Menards spends their money on brick and mortar stores. Many of the products they sell don't make good e-comerce items.

It's rather difficult to ship building materials at a reasonable price.

If you want a good price on a water heater and live in a Menards trade area take a few minutes and go to a store. Menards is adding shippable items to their collection of products for sale on the internet and will continue to do so but you won't see everything you can buy in a store there.