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Save big money at Menards,

In 1988 we bought our first house in Oshkosh. I resided it with 16' x 12" preprimed hardboard siding. I was givin a 25 year delaminating warrenty and kept all the paperwork. It was painted with a Sears Weatherbeater Pewter paint, very good paint. After 10 years about 1/4 of it delaminated really bad. I contacted Menards and was told "I needed to remove it, send it to corperate in Eau Claire and they would examine it before it was warrentied".

Excuse me, I need to send it 200 miles to be examined. I gave up and rebought the pieces I needed to redo the work. I have several other complaints I will post here about Menards. Stay tuned.

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What happens if you start screaming?


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Thank you.



Of coarse the price looked good to you because it is one of the least quality siding that Menards sells. Now here is a question to you- Was price the only thing you were worried about or did u ask any of the employees if there was a product that would be better? The siding probably started delaminating because of a water leak somewhere. That could have happened by Not caulking around windows or doors or using cheap caulk that failed on you.

If you do have a water leak somewhere, you better hope that you don't have any more problems. A house is an important investment and if you want it to last, don't put the cheapest siding on.

that would be like putting a bandade on a gunshot wound. Just doesn't work.


I see the problem here. DS lives in oshkosh and got tired of cow tipping and cheese. Go get a life.


I see the problem here. DS lives in oshkosh and got tired of cow tipping and cheese. Go get a life.


The warranty would be covered by the manufacturer (LP, Certainteed, whomever). But why anyone would buy that cr*p *ssed hardboard *** is beyond me anyway.


DS, do you have problems anywhere else, or just at Menards?


To all readers,

I stumbled on this site and happened to read complaints from you about a business whose products and policy I had problems with. I felt a connection with you all and a renewed anger for this business, its awful policy and low class employee’s. I began to post some of my problems, and I have dozens, and to my surprise every post was targeted with a response defending this company. Several times my workmanship was criticized and they always tried to find fault in the way I did something having never met or worked with me. That is very evident on all my posts in the first replies. I know that consumers reading these replies are not buying it; consumers are smarter than they think.

So I decided to write this and add it to every post. I can only assume that these people are paid by the company, possibly employee's, to target the critics and complaints and to discredit them in any way possible. Several attempts to discredit my posts included comments not backed up by facts and also attempts to question my abilities as an installer.

It’s bad enough that 1000's of us suffer problems from bad products or poor customer service and we are left feeling cheated, but to add insult to injury and to strike out at a complaint in the fashion that these people are doing is unacceptable. I know that lots of you people can connect with me and my problems. You know exactly what I am talking about if you post your problem here. My guess is that people looking at this web site did not come here to defend places they shop, they are here to complain. So reading a discrediting reply to my posts leaves me in confusion as to who is writing it. I wish this company would put forth an equal effort to satisfy upset customers instead of using tactics like this. It would go a long way in preventing these complaints and I have several more. Time will not be good to them.



I think fella cares but it sounds like you created this for yourself. Why the heck would menards do anything for you about it?

It is up to the manufacturer unless john bought bought out sears and we all don't know about it. Welcome to pissed consumer.


menards advertises the warranty ON BEHALF OF THE MANUFACTURER, DS! what part of this don't you understand? it's never a good thing when a customer has issues, but it's tough to do much when that customer does not know or care to understand the proper procedures involved with a return


Say you go to Best Buy and buy a new washing machine. After some time it breaks down, do you take it to Best Buy or do you contact the vendor who warranties the product?

You would contact the vendor who warranties the product and this is no different. The vendors offer the warranties, your retailers just advertise what the vendor promises.


Whoever this bozo is, Menards employee I bet. Defending every complaint I post about Menards.

I was a major customer for over 20 years. Fella has no clue of my case , and evedently cares less of any problems I had and more about defending Menards honor.

I stopped shopping there. Menards advertised warrenty not Sears.


the warranty is covered by the manufacturer, in this case, sears. there's no way in *** menards could function properly if they had to keep track of warranties that are a quarter of a century old. just not possible.