I've been working for menards for awhile now, its just gotten worse and worse ever since. Store manager greedy, money hungry,all he cares about is himself.

Been picked on by the way I look. I have body modifications, tattoos etc. Deeply upset because I'm a female and no one has the right to tell me what to do with my body and this is a store manager (male) that has harassed me. Always have tried to be friendly with everyone and I have nothing on my body that is offensive, just artwork that I love and spent a lot of money on.

Been given dirty looks from management, told I'm not a good worker when all I do is do the best work I can. Hurt myself @ work, still made to do the same work I was doing even though I was still not healed and doctor put me on restrictions. My department manager and main store manager act like all the employees are garbage and have a terrible life when they are totally wrong. Store manager gets a $20,000 bonus every february, more greed included, why not donate it to people that need it most?

Of course not because all they care about is themselves. Everyone in my store is quitting because of the treatment. Everyone I talk to is upset because all they do is the best work possible and they all just end up used and abused. We never hear good job or great work from any of the store managers.

All we sell is low quality products and customers come in and complain and say they can get it @ Home Depot and that Home Depot is better. Many of the products we sell I've seen @ the dollar store. Been called every name in the book from customers and store managers. Treated like an outcast and horrible employee when all I've done is everything I can do.

So Menards I ask you, where is your heart? Where is your soul? You have none. Your employees are your lifeblood, and blood is family.

Either change or your employees will change for the better. And that better is not at Menards!

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Contact Human Resources, of they are no help you can always reach higher ups with in the company. If that does not work then get a good lawyer.

You can't discriminate against sex, race, disabilities, and body modifications (Tattoos are rolled into body mods usually).


Which Menards is this? My store we are ALL A TEAM, noones ever left out or treated right.

You're fired if you harass or gossip or are Ignorant. We have a strict no bullying policy!


Face it people Tatoos suck, and so do people that want everyone to know that the owner sucks too. Put a chicken bone through your nose.


manager wants blow :grin job


Get a good lawyer and discuss your treatment by management at your store. Chances are you will get the next $20,000.00 or more.

Don't let dipshlts treat you badly. Sue them.


I am not a fan of Menards....but dude....this is not the only company that frowns on tattoes or piercings....and why you will see more of your fellow individualistics sitting with you on the unemployment line......figure it out......work is not a place to display individualism...sorry to break the bad news......its a cruel world out there....


Remember, you Work for them. People want someone to give them a job and then you want to tell them they need to change their polocies etc!

If your problem is a safety issue you may have a complaint, otherwise get real or go on welfare. YOU WORK FOR THEM !

so act like it and do your job. thank God you even have a job right now.


What you need to do is look at the company policy. If you do, you will find that exposed tattoos of any kind are not allowed.

This way there is no gray area as to what is offensive or not. As far as a store manager making a $20,000 profit sharing bonus, what's wrong with that? Everyone in the company gets a profit sharing bonus if their store is profitable. The bonus is a percentage of last years income based on years served.

You've more than likely have been to a meeting and heard the bonus amounts as the checks are handed out. There is a lot of good money handed out throughout the store. If all your customers come in and complain and say they can get the same product at Home Depot and Home Depot is better, why are they at Menards?

Sounds like you need an attitude change. Improve your attitude, follow company policies and cover those tattoos, work hard and someday you could be a store manager making a good bonus too.

@Check your attitude

Well since I've been working at Menards almost 5 years now the tattoo policy was: YOU'RE ALLOWED TO HAVE TATTOOS they just cannot be offensive in nature. I know recently a modification has come about to that policy; that says they are discouraged, but you're still allowed to have them. Discouraged simply means they will more than likely not hire anyone with noticeable tattoos in the future.

I have three tattoos never covered up, never been told to cover them up, NEVER WILL COVER THEM UP. We also have a good 15+ others with tattoos at my store who never cover them up. Several guys with tattoos covering their entire arms and legs.

Nothing wrong with tattoos and piercing, only something wrong with people who find them offensive in the first place.

As far as this person treatment goes, SOUNDS ABOUT RIGHT. Menards managers are total tools.


It's not about your tattoos, it is about you working for the company. If you want to be the boss, start your OWN company.

which I doubt you could even do.

You were hired to WORK, not to mess with the company over your personal agenda. I would not put up with you causing trouble, I would probably just fire you.


Well If I was an employer I would expect any employee of mine that dealt with the public to not have exposed body art or piercings. When you work with the public you should present an appearance that is acceptable to the public.

If a person has too many tattoos that are visable to people, it just plain looks unclean, even if they aren't. A couple years ago, I was in a store and about 4-5 aisles in back of a girl wearing shorts, from that distance it looked like the backs of her legs were all bruised from a horrible accident. Then at the checkouts I was right behind her, with my shopping cart between us and at that distance I could see that her legs were covered with tattoos. What kind of harassment are you receiving?

I would be willing to bet it is teasing, more than harassing. More than likely what you consider mistreatment from managers, is the fact that they don't act sociable with the employees. If you see managers talking together, more than likely they are discussing store business, not having a social conversation. How do you know the manager gets a $20,000 bonus every February, have you seen it or is that you have heard about it through the "grapevine?" Unless you have seen it, you have no proof.

However, another way to look at it is if you had the education, experience, and training to be a manager, you might qualify for a bonus too. You have no idea how much time and work managers put in. They put in a heck of a lot more time than you are aware of. A lot of it is before the store opens and after closing.

Why should that bonus be divided up among the general workers, that haven't earned it? What kind of restrictions did the doctor put you on, that you are still being required to? How long are those restrictions supposed to last? They can't go on permanently.

Of course being you are dissatisfied with your treatment, now let's start criticizing the merchandise. I know for a fact that you haven't seen the exact same things at dollar stores that Menards sells. If they are even the same brand they will be factory rejects or items bought from various stores that have closed. There is no way that dollar stores would have the very EXACT same items.

Of course customers will say they have seen the same thing at Home Depot or even Lowe's mainly for less money, etc., to make you feel bad. Have you read all the complaints about those stores? I have a hunch the reason your co-workers are quitting is because they have found a better paying job some place else, or some of them might even be re-locating t another city/state. I haven't heard of many supervisors in any business that praise their employees unless somebody does an exceptionally great job on something, and there again I don't know of too many employees that deserve that.

If you are so unsatisfied with your job find another job, and see if you are treated that much better.