Monroe, Michigan
Not resolved

I tryed for over 107 days to get my rebate check. I finilly told them

I wanted my money back for the item I bought, they said no cash back if

over 90 days. It taken over 100 days and still no rebate check.Can only get a in store credit. I going to turn this over to the small claims court.

The store assent. manager was no help in getting this problen salved.

And another manager just walked away twice on me. At this point I well

never shop at Menards again. And this is over only $104.73 that will

fight in court over.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Rebate.

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the rebates dont go through menards they go through rebateinternational .com


....So let me get this straight, you waited nearly 4 months for a rebate check that should have arrived in about 3 weeks? Sounds like it's your fault for not notifying Menards sooner.


The court date must not have gone well, huh...


if you read the rebate coupon it clearly states that the rebate company has the right to deny any rebate for any reason.Also states that the rebate will be sent in six to eight weeks,if you did not receive it in between these eight weeks then you had another four weeks to return the items and get your money back.


You will lose. Just wasting more time and money.


At this time I have a court date of 11/8/2011

I,ll let everyone know how it come out.



I have also been trying to get my rebate back and the 'rebate tracker website' keeps telling me it cannot be found! Another scam??


menards out sources their rebates just like they out source their credit cards so your complaint is not to menards but to their rebate company. oh and fyi dont buy *** unless you need it then you wont be so sad when you dont get your rebate check because you will still need that product.


You didn't check your spelling on this post. You may well have spelled your address wrong and it never got to you due to your inability to wright properly.


Proof read.