Bemidji, Minnesota
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handicapped parking at exit, how are people supposed to go in, then they only have one electric shopping cart, which is kept at entrance, where there is no handicapped parking. would shop there more often, but only one cart and then depending how many has frequented the store and has used the cart, then the battery goes dead half way through shopping.

Bemidji store # 3269.

Employees are awesome and do what they can to accommodate. forced to enter at exit for handicapped parking, a associate then needs to go the entrance to get electric cart if not in use or being charged up, then when shopping complete, if lucky enough to get shopping done before cart dies, an associate then needs to take it back to entrance.

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If you're really handicapped, your insurance will cover an electric cart. Its a big expense for stores.

Each of our stores has 2 wheelchairs in addition to the electric cart. Feel free to stop at the service desk and ask for a wheelchair and a team member to help push you around.

You have to understand that you're in the .005% of people who shop Menards, you can't expect them to make special accommodations. Its like if you were a 4' Little Person, they're not going to have ladders in every aisle to accommodate them.

@handicapped or fat?

I am handicapped and a vet. I have no insurance and no income.

The VA will not give me a scooter. I can't walk or stand for than 5sec. What are we suppose to do? I have no family or friends who will help me.

How do u expect handicapped people to shop. Familiarize yourself with ADA laws which have been around a long time. All public,govt buildings must provide reasonable accomplished for handicapped.

Good luck in life and on judgement day as you spew on crippled people.

Hope you don't have a accident and end up in a wheel chair or worse. :x

@OneDayUMightbehandicapped and

Menards isnt a public or govt building so therefore they dont have to. They provide wheelchairs and one scooter for those who are disabled. They are not required by law or a higher power to have more then one


It seems easier to have the parking by the exit. Less walking if you have several carts vs. making the long walk to the entrance door with nothing in your hands.