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Myself and another person (handicapped), went to a menard's and tried to get a scooter so this handicapped person could do some shopping only to find out there was one for the entire store. We seen a gentleman in one and asked if he knew of any others (scooters) and he said there was only one and he had to wait an hour and a half for this particular one.

Whats up with that??? The handicap person had never been in a menard's and so wanted to go in and shop but couldn't. Handicap people like to shop too.

Heck wal-mart, k-mart, alot of the grocery stores provide several scooters for people all the time. Very dissapointed!!!

Reason of review: handi-cap accessibility.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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There are a few regular wheelchairs available. The problem is, people are too lazy and get insulted that they can't access the electric cart and god forbid might have to use some muscle! Unbelievable!


It's funny, I need shoes to walk around the store and shop. What I do, and it might work here, is that rather than show up to the store and ask where the shoes are that I can use to walk around...I simply bring my own from home because it's really my responsibility to supply them.

I also need glasses to read the prices, again, I just bring them from home. Weird concept.


If you need a scooter, buy one.


You don't seem to have any problem spending other peoples money. John has close to 300 stores and lets say a scooter costs $1000.00.

That's $300,000.00 out of his pocket to put one in each store. How much do you want him to take out of his pocket to put more in the stores. If you really need a scooter you'll need it to get around more than just Menards. Does your doctors office have a scooter?

How about your drug store, grocery store etc?

Find a way to buy your own if you really need it.


How many scooters do you think a store should buy? In addition to the scooter they also have wheelchairs. Most people who really need a scooter or motorized chair buy their own.