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We ordered a shed kit from menards. We thought picking it up would easy and not take long.

Yea right. They didn't know what door we needed to go to. Nothing was put together, shingles here, tar paper there, shed over there, nails go find them somewhere in the store. We asked when we bought the shed as a kit if everything came with to build it.

Yea it does but go run around the store and the yard to pickup your pieces. Then trying to find someone who could get us the actually shed kit (lumber pieces) was the biggest joke of all. Couldn't find any help waiting for at least 20min before we got helped. Then as they were getting this kit (it was on the top shelf behind another kit in the store) they nearly drop the kit in front of ours and almost pushed whatever was sitting against our kit off the other side of the shelf.

They never checked to make sure there weren't people in the other aisle or anything. Completely unsafe and pretty sure not OSHA certified. So they finally get our shed off the shelf and guess what they broke pieces of the lumber. So we wait again to be helped by a manager because we were not about the leave with broken pieces.

The manager was nice enough to replace the board but still it never should of happened in the first place. It took nearly 3 hours to get this shed. Had they grouped all our items together for pickup like you would expect, we'd been in and out in like 30mins not 3 hrs. Never again will we order from menards.

So disappointed. Menards is going down hill fast!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Menards Cons: Poor customer service, Waited forever to be helped.

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lmao do u not realize they only bundle stuff if it is being delivered? u went in in the middle of the summer AKA the busy season, y would u not expect to spend a decent amount of time in the yard? jump off ur high horse u r not the most important person in the world, u got ur *** so y r u complaining


Similar experience at Topeka, KS Menards. Their lumberyard is a joke, no help and when you can find someone, they are so unorganized, they are little help.


Menards is not going down hill fast, they have always been this way. This just so happened to be the first time you noticed it.


That's right, menards prides themselves in providing absolute zero for customer service. Plus the more time you spend f@rting around the store looking for this shed kit the more likely you are to buy more useless junk items throughout the store.

Thank you

employee 4 life

@Menards employee 4 life

Ok lets break down this complaint.

Q. You ordered a shed online on the we pull/You pull program.


A. What part on your order did it say that they would pull it for you?

Q. Guard shack not knowing where to send you.

A. There guard shack is not menards employees.

They don't wear any thing that says they do.

Q. Assistance with the shed package. A. Did you even go to the lumber desk to tell them you bought some thing online and need help getting it down?

After all that's how i helped my neighbor get his. A. Again they wont pull the shed for you on the We pull/You pull program. As listed on there website.

Reading is so hard. I like how there no comment of how busy it may or may not have been in the store. Also no comment on the construction going on.

If you have never worked in the retail world. Then you can never put your feet in there shoes.