Minneapolis, Minnesota

I went to the Menards in Golden Valley to have a deck estimated so I could purchase the materials on the same day.I had a kid in his 20s do my estimate and inform me more about the UltraDeck. Fast forward 2 weeks later, I had the city inspector out here and he said that he couldn't approve of my deck because it was 14" on center and not 12" O.C.

I had to rebuild the entire deck all because this kid didn't tell me about my city's building code. I thought Menards had "Building Experts" I guess I was wrong.

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You built a deck cheap and didn't use a licensed contractor. You can only blame yourself!


It is up to you to know your areas building code, not the people you bought the materials from. You didn’t check your areas building code and this is all in you.


You have no business building a deck if you dont research your city codes first.


Your job to know your city codes... Not Menards.. At the very least your builder should know


the kid in his 20's could be an hourly guy making under 10 an hour. Contractors have licenses for a reason.

It's your house, your deck. Maybe you should have taken 10 minutes and done your own research instead of expecting some kid (who obviously never actually installed a deck) to design your *** plastic deck.

How much do you think guys that design blueprints for houses are paid an hour? more than that guy.


Being an informed consumer, and in this case builder, is truly the most important thing. I am not sure who would have ever told you 14" on center for ANYTHING, but the system figures 12" on center with any composite decking.

Unless this brilliant 20 year old hand designed your deck, you just installed incorrectly. The Menards design system figures 12" on center for composite decking.

Not even a "real lumberyard" employee can know city code. They literally change all of the time.

Most city inspectors don't know all of the codes. Get informed and you will have less issues in life.


Menards is not responsible for telling you about building codes. You and your builder should be educated on the matter before you start the project. I've even warned people that they might run into issues with building codes for them to straight up tell me "IT'S MY HOUSE, I CAN DO WHAT I WANT."


So did you look at the installation instructions that clearly say 16" on center for standard perpendicular applications and 12" on center if you run your deck boards diagonal to the joists? Who taught you how to build anything anyway?

14" on center? Are you serious? It is also your job to know code, we just sell products.

I sure hope your city doesn't require 12" on center for standard applications. It should only be for diagonal installation.

@20 something employee

Go *** yourself hippie


How is it Menards fault that you didn't check with the codes of your community? Always check your local building codes. Besides I would be more upset with the community you live in, that when you got your building permit that they didn't provide you with the codes, if that was the case.


Ya, you can't blame Menards for this one, no matter how careless they were to give you building advise. You should of known to check the codes on your own and not trust some kid at Menards.


Yes you were deceived by menards! they just want to make a sale, that's all!

hard lesson to learn, isn't it? next time try a real lumber yard, stay away from menards.


Actuaglly we are not supposed to tell people building codes even if you ask for them. It is not our responsibility. Dumb statement simple answer


I don't agree, the builder should know the city building code.


12" O.C is over kill for a deck (that's a crazy code).


Why is it the Kid's job to know your city's codes? Didn't you bother to ask your city's inspector before hand? It's not the kid's fault, it's your's.