Lafayette, Indiana
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I had a deck built onto my home. I followed all the "rules" as to how long to let the wood "season" before applying stain.

I stained the hand rail and it looked perfect. I stained 3/4 of the deck floor and noticed that a very sticky sap was seaping ip through the stain. I called the stain company and they were stumped and told me to call Menard's where the wood was purchased. They too seemed perplexed so they sent out a representative to take a look.

Menard's said it was not their responsibilty and that I would have to contact Midwest Manufacturing since they were their supplier. The deck cannot be walked on at all due to sticky sap coming up through the wood. Midwest Manufacturing said that sap naturally occured in wood and that it would eventually go away.

The handrails, of the same wood are fine?! It has been 2 years and I still can't use my deck.

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I along with others in the Fort Wayne, IN area had the same issue. The wood was purchased and installed in 2009. Sap is still coming out of the wood 3 years later and Menard's does nothing about it.


I have built many decks in my lifetime and I have only run across this problem on the last deck I built. It is a total mess and cannot be walked on.

I am sure Menards will just respond, " You stained it too soon". Well that's obvious! But who wants to wait 3 years to stain?

Justice 1982 is correct it depends on many factors like how dry was the wood before it was treated, how long did it sit on the shelf in the warehouse and at Menards. Not much you can do but wait, clean it or replace it.


It really goes to show that no one knows what they are doing. There is no rule of time to let the wood "season" before you apply any sort of finish.

The only way to see if your outdoor wood products are ready to accept a coating is to do a water test. Simply sprinkle water on the wood and see if it beads up. (rain will do all of the work for you!) If it beads, then you can't apply. Now you can have 2 boards after 2 years that continue to bead up water.

Know what that means? You can't coat those boards without problems.

It all depends how long the boards sat before they were shipped to the store, how long they were in the rack, how wet or dry they were when they were treated originally. All of these factors will lead to differences in "seasoning."


My parents built a very large deck on their house and also purchased the lumber from Menards. They, too, followed the recommendations for leaving the wood season a year and then painted it the following year with paint they purchased from Menards and recommended for their all bubbled-up!

It was a real mess! Menards would not do a thing for them. I was so angry I even called the big guy--Mr. Menards and led his secy to believe it was a "call of a personal nature" if you know what I mean?

She then was willing to put me through, but when he found out it was an angry customer he hung up on me.

Menards sells *** stuff. As long as one is aware of this in advance there should be no problem.


Sap is something that is unfortunately a natural occurance in wood. Once in a while you run across sap pockets in pieces of wood and it leaks out. Try cleaning it off with naptha, a solvent you will find at home centers or paint stores.