Rochester, New York

foam gutter guards were installed by R and T sidingthat were purchased from menards now when it rains the water just pours over the top of the gutters all runningdown by the foundation of the house andallover my patio deck and front porch so they are not working at all so i spent 700.oodollars for something that is worthless think somebody needs to be responsible for this mess if they are defective then the manfacturer needs to be responsible for them it should not come back on the consumer for defective merchandise hopely something can be done about this problem

Monetary Loss: $700.

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Measure the width of the window in three pcales: top, middle, and bottom. Do the same for the height.

(use the smallest measure). Also, check that the window is square.Don't be afraid to go window shopping. When I ordered the windows for my addition, the difference in the total price for four windows was about $ 300. Most expensive supplier was the home improvement center, least expensive was a lumber yard.Also consider, for efficiency, double glazed or triple glazed.

Low E glass (a coating on the glass to reduce heat transfer)? Argon filled (argon is a better insulator between the glass than oxygen)? Window features, what grid patter (if any) between the glass. Double hung (both sashes operable) or single hung (bottom sash operable)?

Half screen or full screen. If you are looking for a window for a bathroom you could order the window with frosted glass.


Fill out an "installed complaint form" at the menards you bought it from.