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I see several complaints about Menards in Green Bay and do see a lack of training there. For every good employee I have found there was another that made me think why do I bother coming here.

Most of the negative is employee attitude more then anything, they seem bothered to help you when you ask questions and how do you work in a dept and have no basic knowledge of the items you sell? My experiences there have made me a regular at the Home Depot a few blocks away where the knowledge of the employees and willingness to help is obvious, I'd rather pay a little more for my item and get the help needed when I do have a question along with being treated like they generally don't mind helping you and care about your business.

Menards Cons: Parking lot too uneven for loading.

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Menards hiring process is not about experience or knowledge. They hire based on weather or not they think they can conform you to their views.

The training is very simple, read the box of the item. Unless you've been at Menards a long time which most are not because of the high turnover do to poor working conditions; rude uneducated customers, long hours walking around, lots of manual labor lifting and moving things with out purpose, horrible breaks and breakrooms, cameras everywhere watching your every move, horrible bosses with horrible leadership skills. My question to you is WHY DO YOU NEED YOUR HAND HELD? You can't use google like the rest of the world?

Not bright enough to read the boxes and owner manuals yourself? If it's that complicated for you, perhaps you shouldn't be making any purchases at all anywhere. It's your job as the consumer to educate yourself, not put that on someone else.

I've known people to be hired by Home Depot, Lowes, and Fleet Farm. Those places are no better than Menards when it comes to training and working conditions.


Exactly because you can buy things online is why the store employees need to be knowledgable and nice. Why is it so hard to be nice?

It takes just as much energy to be nice as it does to be rude. And what happened to being the best you can be at your job? No pride in what you do?

That's the problem with this generation working now. You disgust me when your attitude gives store employees a free pass to be jerks!


Umm when a customer is an *** there is no reason the worker should have to take that. I have worked at menards for two years and have screamed at customers.

If I'm being treated like a pos I'm not going to be nice to anyone. So you're completely wrong and have obviously never worked customer service


You know what department the the unmotivated and untrained employee works in because their name tag matches the only name on the tv screen for the department. Duhhhh


How do you know what department they work in? Employees that work in the back of the store (paint, cabinets or millwork) have to walk through the hardware department to use the restroom.

Walking through hardware they are often stopped and expected to know everything about hardware. Don't assume that they work in a department just because that happens to be where they are at the minute.