Owensboro, Kentucky

I bought a vise and broke it. Returned it.

Got another one just like it. Broke it. Returned it. Got another one just like it.

Broke that one too. Returned it and they was only wanting to only give me $52 for it after i paid $85. This vise was made very cheaply and was hollow inside. Very displeased!!!

I would greatly discourage buys from this company. I also have a buddy that has bought alot of stuff and said ever bit of it was cheap junk.

He also said he wouldnt recommend buying here either. On a scale one to ten i would say five

Monetary Loss: $23.

  • Work bench Vise Tools Equipment
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Did you have your receipt showing you had paid $85? Without the receipt they are only going to give you credit for the lowest sale price.


I would have stopped after two. Your buddy bought a lot?

All junk..?

Makes no sense. I get burnt once shame on them, burn me twice.....?..................well.....??


Next time you write something online for everyone to see, don't embarrass yourself by making multiple grammar mistakes.


you did he same thing three times and expected a different outcome eyach time .....check in the dictionary under DUNCE


all you have to do is go to the electronic look up that they have where you walk in, look up your purchase. if you used a credit card.

it comes printed out.

otherwise you will get the sale price. thats the policy.


I see you are from KY...that sort of explains it.


Wow this is unreal What you really need to do is but another vise and put your IDIOTIC head in it


If you are going to be smart, Stevie, then try and BE smart with your comments. You don't want to "but" your "put". :upset


If they were only going to give you $52.00 I would assume it was a store credit for the lowest sale price because you didn't have a receipt. Even if you didn't have a receipt and had used a credit or debit card to pay for it you could have looked up your receipt and given a credit for the full price you paid. Be thankful they would give you anything without a receipt, many stores won't.


I would think that if you broke 2 vises... you would buy something better.