1101 Lakecrest Pkwy, Sandusky, OH 44870, USA
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I am a in Sandusky an was put out of store for making some one cry we spend 1000s at a time in this store have many homes I charge 150 a HR would you like to pay for me being played around with in a store????? don't think so ,,, so I told the lady if she didn't know what she was doing then she needed to get some one that did,,,,, that made her cry,,,,come on now if you are that soft you should not work in a place like that....now they have charged me with tres passing have to get lawyer what a bunch of BS ,,,, was always told that the consumer was always wright not in this store,,,,,

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $500000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Menards Cons: Staff, Staff custmer service.

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No excuse for your behavior or arrogance, unacceptable and rude. If you have to get a lawyer to defend yourself, there's a clue about your personality. You're not the victim here - you're the bully!


You were doing much worse than you say to be trespassed at the store. Lies......


The point of any retail establishment is to make products available to the target consumer as cheaply as possible. If you base off your ignorant hourly wage and that employee's who do you think should know more? Being a *** will get you the same results each and every time no matter where you go.


Obvious TROLL post, it's amusing people are biting.


More stores should stand up to people that act like jerks. When you are shopping in a store you are on private property and they have a right to ask you not to return.

If you do they can charge you with trespassing which it sounds like they did.

If you had stayed out of their store like they asked, you wouldn't have been charged. Grow up and act like a civizalized adult.




You got put out but I bet dealing with you was a put off! I am told I am not always the most polite person, in fact, I can be downright gruff at times, but I have NEVER made an employee cry.

I'd love to have seen how you behaved. If it was a simple request of "get someone else to assist me" that is one thing.

But somehow I doubt you were that civil. I picture you more like a big, obnoxious bully, trying to intimidate a person because you felt superior.


No, the customer is not always right. It's their store and if they don't want you there, then go elsewhere.

However, you now know the horrible effect of all this "feeling" nonsense which has permeated our society. People are "sensitive" and their feelings need to be constantly stroked or they won't be able to cope with everyday events.

Mendard's will not admit they hire people who know little about what they are selling, thus your ejection from the store. We are doomed, you understand.


You cannot even write in proper English! What are you on about?

Did you even review what you wrote before posting here? Next time you want to post something on the internet, please find a competent adult to write the posting for you. Now, as for you getting put out the store, it sounds like you were a dreadful person to deal with and the store did the right thing. Two more things: The consumer is always right UNTIL they are wrong!

And you were in the wrong!

You were in the wrong for your apparent despicable behavior in the store and you were in the wrong for returning when you knew you were not suppose to! Second and final thing: I bet that employee you made cry knows how to write properly in English and I bet also that she understands what criminal trespass means and what the consequences are when you commit said offense.