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Today 2-21-16, the assistant store manager Jeff, at the Fox Lake, IL. store was not effective in dealing with my problem and, did a dis-service in representing Menards policies.Problem: the format of the customer receipts generated for purchases paid with credits from 'rebate certificates' is very convoluted and extremely customer unfriendly.This is validated by the 'customer service' staff at Fox Lake could not come close to explaining it and, me not being able to understanding it also. (I have an advanced college degree).I mentioned to Jeff that even if the receipt is correct, the problem is customers have no way of confirming this due to the information being vague and confusing. He did not want to acknowledge anything and thought there were no problems?I challenged him to show this receipt to any 5 people standing around (customers or employees) and see if they could unscramble the information. He denied.Problem with the receipt format:- it never displayed a 'total dollar' amount of the purchase so, you couldn't verify anything ?- the dollar amount of sales taxes that are adjusted in the purchase , is a complete mystery.- customer's can only assume the credit amounts are correct that are deducted from their rebate vouchers.- a manufacturers coupon had also been used however, the receipt never made it clear if the coupon discount was ever given. Again, Jeff tried to say everything looked good to him and there were no problems ? Your customers (like me) beg to differ. Not sure what he was trying to accomplish other than having Menards continue to look ridiculous with this receipt format problem.


Bill Karpen

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Sales Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Menards Pros: Products, Promotions, Prices.

Menards Cons: Fox lake assistant manager.

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Any credits on transactions are billed generically together, not itemized. The cashier does it right there in front of you, if you cared to pay attention, and if there was a problem with any credit application they'd just override the correct amount in manually under generic MCC to make the totals correct.

Which still wouldn't reflect the credits in itemized format, but you wouldn't be out anything.

Yeah Menards is way behind the times.


For someone with an Advanced College Degree you did a very poor job of explaining exactly what the issue was. Just because he did not do what you want, does not mean he was wrong.

I'm certain he tried to explain several times to you what the receipt was the way it was, but you refused to accept his answer.

I'm also under the impression you believe this to be a Menards website when in fact it's a public forum. Regard, MrSharkNasty


If you have a problem with the way their receipts are formatted you should wright a letter to their corporate office. An assistant store manager in a chain of big box stores has no way of changing recipes to make them easier for you to read. Your time would be better spent contacting someone that can help with your problem rather than complaining to low level employees and posting on websites.


If you don't trust the receipt why don't you just get a calculator out and check it?