Hutchinson, Kansas

I do 95% of my shopping for lumber and hardware at Menards compared to 0% at home depot. Yesterday while shopping at the East Wichita Menards I noticed their Christmas music playing. While it may be a bit early I'm not complaining. What a pleasure to hear a business promoting Christmas rather than X-mas, winter holiday, or some other name they can conjure up.

A business should not have to support anyone's social or religious agenda. They should be comfortable selling lumber, hardware, or whatever to the public.

Keep up the good work, and Merry Christmas.

Dave Landoll

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agree as well! we may start playing it a tad early if you ask me but the fact that we don't get in trouble for wishing people a merry christmas is fantastic. granted i don't say it unless someone says it to me because i don't want to insult anyone and get into any trouble.


100% agree I work there and so happy we get to say Merry Christmas its Christmas to me and I should be able to support what believe and to the people making rude comments you're the type of people that make it where a lot of stores aren't allowed to say merry Christmas and that's infair


*** yo Xmas


"A business should not have to support anyone's social or religious agenda."

Including YOURS!


Your a freaking ***