My Husband and I both tried to order a gift card on line and it would not take are phone number to proceed in ordering a gift card So, we called the Minot,North Dak Store to see if they could help us get one sent to my father for his B-Day since that is where he lives . Emily was rude and told us know we would have to go to the wedsite.

I told her we did and what the problem was ,but still know help.

Well, they wont have to worry about me ever calling or trying to order anything Menards .

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The complainant here is wrong and obviously not very intelligent. In fact it was painful even reading that incoherent rubbish. Get an education and maybe you'll be able to use a website properly.


Ok, Emily is not a rude person, we actually pick on her for being too nice and demanding people to have a good day. So you obviously had a bug up your butt and took it wrong.

No one at the store can allow you to purchase a gift card over the phone and mail it to someone, because that is a scam people have been doing with others credit cards. Either call corporate and complain about the website or send your father a check like every other person would.


Another great example why these complaints on here are total BS. If you cannot even formulate a coherent paragraph to describe what happened then you obviously lack the ability to comprehend the entire situation. 99% of people who complain on here think some great injustice occurred, but in reality what happened was they just DID NO UNDERSTAND WHY THEY WERE BEING TOLD NO.


As "Heartless" points out very clearly, the complaining guest doesn't KNOW what they are talking about or when they have been told NO they won't help you. Menards doesn't want your business, and that is why they said NO.

This is how they treat all guest in Green Bay, WI so don't think you are special in North Dakota. KNOW this, Heartless and Menards don't give a ***.


I have news for you, Emily did not tell you "know," she probably told you "no." The same applies to "Know" help. It might have been "no" help.