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I have 6 complete kitchens to remodel. Kitchen 1. Several weeks ago I went to Menards and waited at least 2 hours for help to load 14 cabinets. I had to load most of them myself. Searching several places to find them. Kitchen 2. Now wiser I had the cabinet Assoc. do a purchace order and paid requesting they get the cabinets ready. I shopped for around an hour checking every now and then. The cabinets arrived at the loading bay and I was told someone would help load. 15 mins and no help. lots of coming and going but no one stopped. I began loading with their hand truck and after around half was loaded a guy came and helped. Kitchen 3. Now even more wise. Had the gal do an order. (waited while she stroked her boss on the phone about how she would get a bunch of orders ready for when she was away.). Paid for the order and she said they would pull the order immidiately. Everything from then on went sour.

I arrive at the back at 11am no one anywhere near the cabinets. Gal says they are taken down already (Later she says she said another persons stuff was taken down. I misheard). Wait anther 30 mins then Mr " I AM AN ASSISTANT MANAGER AND I AM PISSED THAT AN IMPORTANT EXEC SUCH AS I MUST LABOR FOR *** THAT WALKED INTO MY STORE" arrives and to show his distaste for the work proceeds to do everything in slow motion. After he stood looking at the cabinets for several minutes as if in a daze I felt sorry for him and I made the mistake of pointing out the units on the list thinking it would help. This took his royal highness to a new level of outrage. 30 minutes later 12pm he finally got the first 4 of 14 to the trailer whereupon he stuck fast. After watching him for several minutes I asked him to put the units on the ground and I would lift them onto the trailer. I bemoan the fact that it is taking so long. HE SAYS COMPLAINING WONT GET IT DONE ANY FASTER. O.K. first 4. he then goes back to three shelves and suffers another brain freeze. This time I know not the offer help. Instead I go the the gal at the desk again and ask if someone can help. Its been an hour and a half. is a one man help can be given. She'll call the manager. I realize later she wanted the manager to see how bad this yokel was. Manager arrives and says the delay is normal and caused by the person ahead of me. I explain the chain of events. We are now all watching the loadmaster. He has picked 2 smaller cabinets. I ask how long he has been working on this order. "Ten minutes" he say's, The others turn away, they know its been over an hour. I said that it would take several hours at this rate. At this time I am sick of trying to get help out of the staff who watch their assistant manager in his misery.

I tell them to get the 4 cabinets off the trailer and cancel the sale. They seem satisfied with this arrangement. No one moves. I go over to the trailer, pull all four cabinets off and as I finish this, speedy Gonzales arrives and prepares to load up the unwanted cabinets. I leave him pondering on how best to proceed.

Back at the security gate the guard wants to know what happened to the cabinets. I tell him and he comments that I was there for more than an hour.??? What happened.

Back at the return desk I request the refund and the young lady asks one question.was it the assistant manager with the big attitude named .......... Yes ma'am. She relates how he treats the other staff members like s...t. Shes not surprised.

Last round. Front end manager arrives and says he was there and my order was picked the moment I drove in. I begin to question this when I realize that this is the story they've agreed on. He says that he has three associates red faced and spitting with rage at the way they've been treated. .

I proceed to Lowes. Same cabinets, loaded in 15 by the manageress herself. No joke. She thens takes 30% off. joke.

Please note that apart from the cabinet desk, all other departments have been nothing but helpful and I can only say good things about them. I have agreed that I will still shop Menards but will not buy cabinets until all those staff members responsible are replaced. 6 months should do it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Sales Manager.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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You wrote WAY too many words for Heartless to read. We can't expect his expert opinion when you use so many words. :sigh


Nope, just never noticed this post until now.

I believe parts of this post and some parts not so much. A useless manager who treats his employees like garbage, I TOTALLY BELIEVE THIS. The time referenced for loading seems greatly exaggerated.

I would like to add everything Menards sells and picked up via the yard is SELF SERVICE. This was the exact words used by the training manager when we moved our store location to a larger brand new store. If you do your job correctly your suppose to tell everyone entering the into the yard that it's self service.

Can I ask you a question who UNLOADS for your if Menards is not there to do it for you? I'm under the strong belief you buy it you load it. I would never go anywhere and expect them to do something for me that I can do myself.


Point taken, however, in the case of cabinetry, these units are mostly up high and customers have to have them brought down by forklift. On a more positive note other employees have become quite friendly and sympathetic and I have continued to shop there getting excellent service.