Indianapolis, Indiana

asistent mananger Braniesha is no profecional i dont know how she is the mananger she can handy the problems and give me very hard time posible she dont anderstand $2000.00 spens weekly can pay her salary.

i was returnin material defectuos and she say she can reciv thas material be cause have handy work (thinseth) but we can see the problem in tile when is 1/16 grong (extra) in the size 11 7/16 (the standar is 11 3/4)only wen you put the tile down and you can see is more big .

i ask for the mananger for explein the problem she was a ashole en she doncare what hapen she is all in thas store en she was

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People do it all the time.


learn how to type and speak english because you decide to ***


You Menardites are indeed shameless. This gentleman's English is poor, but if you scrutize every one of your own responses, you will (or should, if your mastery of the language is adequate) find grammatical errors.

This man, an evident immigrant, strikes me as having a work ethic that I wish many more Americans still possessed.

Shame on you! The more I experience your attitudes and behavior, the more distasteful I find the entire idea of shopping at Menards.


If I understand General Contractor correctly, he is having a problem with tile being slightly smaller than marked. Hate to break it to you, but tile shrinks after it's been fired, and if you measure all the tile in the store, it is very rare for it to be the exact measurement.

That is why you have to get everything from the same lot. That is definately something that you cannot blame the store for.


That quarter's coming out of your tab and the tacos are 2.50. They're usally 3, but I like you.


sorry-o, me-o no speak-o the spanish-o


I have no clue what he was trying to say and will guess Menards did not either.Next time maybe an interpretor would help.Que Pasa!


General contractor?...writes like he is a Private contractor....maybe... even a Corporal contractor, but General?

I seriously doubt it!

:grin I always patronized Onalaska WI Menards, just moved to Hubbard OH 2 months ago and am leaving on my 4th trip to Massillon OH Menards. Here, Lowe's and Home Depot so suck!


How do these people make it in life? Don't speak a word of English and expect to be treated like god's when they ask you a question that just does not make any sense.

Who in there right mind would hire these make no sense foreign, just in the way objects to install tile? Ship them all back to were they came from!!

Yea, no habla go back to your country Espanol! Mope!


Mi no habla Espanol.

Seriously, where are these people coming from?!?!


You expect anyone to take you seriously when you write a letter like that? Can you say: "Hooked on phonics did not work for me!"