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I purchased an MTD "Pro" line trimmer, the best most expensive model they offer. Immediately the grass wrapped around the shaft above the trimmer head stopping the head.

It required taking the head apart to clear it. I tried again. The plastic head separated jamming the cutting line. Cheap piece of ***.

At this point I went to Lowe's and purchased a Quality Trimmer.

I tried to return the trimmer to the store. The store manage informed me they have the same return policy as the auto industry. They don't except returns on gas items. They will repair only.

They were not willing to redesign the piece of *** they choose to stock and sell to unsuspecting consumers. They apparently think a lot of their $200.00 trimmers.

I didn't notice if they have a 50,000 or 100,000 mile warranty.

I'm a long term Lowe's and Home Depot customer, thought I would try the new Menards Location. BIG MISTAKE!!!

Monetary Loss: $220.

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do not get gas powered equipment from this store, get it from a place that will replace it on the spot if it is bad or refund your money, gas added or not.


This is not correct! Menards return policy is no returns on Pushed Gas Powered equipment, it must go to a repair shop and will be covered under warranty if you did not cause the issue.

String trimmers fall under the hand held gas powered equipment clause and you have 30-days to return that item with a receipt. If it's has been less than 30-days I recommend taking the trimmer back and quote exactly what I told you about the hand held policy. My store takes back gas powered string trimmers all the time and chain saws. If he still insist it cannot be returned, take him over to the trimmer/mower area and point out to him all the signs that state this policy.

The part about the auto industry is total BS, he pulled that one out of thin air. Menards has this policy in place because it is a manufacture recommendation.

Menards employees are not qualified in knowing if it was a defect or a consumer caused issue. Menards has had manufactures walk away from them because they took to many incorrect returns on their items.


That is if there has been no gas or oil in the product. You aren't reading the whole policy.


WRONG! I love how you tools come on here and try to say I'm wrong. I have read the whole policy hundred's of times and have had it gone over hundred of more times by my managers.... I work directly in that area where the gas powered equipment is sold. I take care of it! At any giving time we have 5 to 15 used string trimmers and chainsaws that we are trying to sell that were returns by guest.. We mark them down and label them as previously run. We have these because even if you put gas into a hand held gas powered equipment you HAVE 30 DAYS to return it. If it's pushed you do not have that grace period. I've even been ordered by my managers to empty the gas out of string trimmers so guest could return it on multiple occasions.

It's amazing how some fool/tool from Texas where they don't even have Menards can come on here and tell someone who works directly with the gas powered equipment that he doesn't know the policy. I CAN PROMISE YOU, YOU CAN WALK INTO ANY MENARDS GO OVER BY THE MOWERS/CHAINSAWS/STRING TRIMMERS AND YOU WILL SEE everything I've said here about the policy. My store alone has 5 signs stating exactly what I've stated over and over again...


I checked just the other day when I went into my local Menards. I walked right over to the gas chainsaws and what I saw was exactly what he stated above.

You have 30 days to return any trimmer, chainsaw, and blower if it does not work.

As long as you do not abuse it of course. Cheers Heartless thanks again for such great information!


Tools? What is a "tool", Heartless?

And you were doing so good too about no name calling.

Oh well, it's just one relapse. :zzz