La Crosse, Wisconsin

Our gas powered lawnmower wasn't purchased at Menards, but the one we bought from a private dealer was gassed up appropriately and when we tried to use it, it refused to start. We never used it! We took it back to the private dealer to have it looked at. A few days later we were told manufacturer said we had abused it by hitting something hard enough to bend the "shaft". Sort of hard to bend the shaft when it didn't start in the first place! Briggs and Stratten refused to back their retailer and their product when they are the ones responsible for its manufacture. Lawn mower companies should take responsibility for their products and help the retailer to help their customers!!


Monetary Loss: $450.

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SERIOUSLY.... issue obviously has nothing to do with Menards: Men-nards....

*** ladder.

If you contact the Manufacturer and explain the issue, or even WRITE to them with photos etc... then you may get someplace.

Still it's not the manufactures fault when the operator continuously runs over rocks, stumps, etc...

to destroy the shaft. If the product has never been used since it was purchased and is out of warranty...

then good luck, no manufacturer will honor a warranty for equipment that you've never even bothered to use.


When I've purchased equipment from a small dealer that has it gassed up and ready to go they always take time to show you how to properly start it and you know it runs when you leave with it. Was this a used mower? My guess is that there was grass under the deck which would give credibility to the idea that something had been hit.


So why come on here to post your complaint??? You should have done this for the " private dealer " you claim to have bought your mower from.

Are you just a Menards hater???

Or is this some weird way of supporting Menards lawn mower policy? I sure don't find your comment helpful in any way as it is.


What does this have to do with Menards?