Saginaw, Michigan
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Shawn is very rude to guests! I honestly feel that she needs to be removed from her position as front end manager!

Countless times I have witnessed her discriminating against someone of age, gender, dress. Her signifant other often comes to visit her during her work hours, during these times ( which can be several times a day) she strays away from the front for a few min to hours!! How can an employee get away with this? I know how, because she jeporadizes everyones hours and becomes buddy-buddy with other managers!

Yea sure she may seem like she has got it together but I know better.When a guest is waiting she SCREAMS " NO waiting on Isle 5!" instead of making a professional announcement she literally sreams! If I were the next customer in line.. I would not want her to wait on me! I have been verablly asulted in front of a guest by Shawn, on more than one occasion.

I am in fear of ringing my bell for manager assistance or price check due to her bad behavior and rudeness. I find my self having to apologize to guests for her actions, when I should not have! She thinks its okay to adjust staff schedules without notification, or asks staff to work longer shifts almost every day so she dosent have to complete closing duties! This is not fair!

When staff questions her comments she threatens suspension and write-ups even if staff did not refuse to do tasks!

I enjoy my position at menards, and in fear of losing it due to her unprofessional behavior and threats. I think I speak on behalf of those who work my position in front end Traverse City, MI that Shawn deserves coaching on her actions!!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Manager.

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Yeah, I feel bad for you. Its not going to get better either unfortunately.

If I were you, I'd just get out. You seem like you're a smart person and I'm sure Target/Best Buy/Lowe's would offer you similar pay and a lot better environment. I've worked for Menards for YEARS but I know how rough it can be for some people in your situation.

I'd just get out. Menards treats people like ***....look at how Dennis/Gaylan talk to people....why do you think your FEM can get away with it!


That's just sad. This Shawn girl does NOT sound like she represents the majority of Menards team members.

My store is staffed with helpful friendly hard workers. I love working for this company!


I'm currently working at Menards for about 8 months. Because I needed a job, and I'm complete hated it.

Not only they pay minimum pay, also they treats people like *** I don't know how can some people dedicate their lives to Menards. I rather be a *** for life than working at Menards for the rest of my life.


Don't waste your money at Menards.

Don't work there. If you have medical or psychological problems, they don't care there. Everyone who isn't part of the managers click, is treated equally like a slave and never shown respect.


If you think this guy is a ***, then visit the Burlington Menards. The AGM Robert Busa is a Jack ***.

Treats some people who work there like ***.

Makes some people wish murder was legal.


Yea I think that is her. She is a ***!


Are You Talking about the chunky, blonde bimbo that *** about everything? If so I would have to agree, her fake smile, laugh, and her overall attitude makes me sick. she has no business being a manager from what I have heard and personally seen!


I gathered from the comments I have seen on this web site that Menardites were rude and spiteful only to their customers. I did not know that Menards employees were so viscious, mean and rude to coworkers.

Now I am left with two questions: 1) Why would anyone want to shop at Menards? 2) Why would any decent human being want to work at Menards?

PS -directed to "fella' and all other Menardites; do Menards a favor and cease from making any more inane comments in this forum. Or, do Home Depot a favor and keep it up.


To Ms. TC menard cashier first of all take some spelling lessons.

I heard hooked on phonics is a great program.

You should try working at K-mart.... it's easier to spell.


All this person is saying is that menards corporate needs to step up and start screening their leaders better! how is it fair to others that people like this think playing around with peoples work and lively-hood is a game?

I honestly think that alot of people in positions like the managers take advantage as soon as they are promoted. Give the person from TC a break! I know how menards works! e-mailing Corp.

is not very sucessful?! How often does corp. show up or drop in for a lil check? my guess not that often!

Let the workers speak for themselves! Now days we got to fight for our jobs!! I am a consumer of TC and I am embarassed to say that I ever witnessed these actions while shopping.

I am also embarassed to say that I have shopped at Menards, I would rather "Save big money" at a local supplier! who treats their employees with RESPECT!


Please note that she not only complains about her front end manager, but also payroll. Seriously, go someplace else that has all the benefits of working for Menards. I am sure many companies are rolling out the IPS for a winner like you!


Why would somebody complain about an individual on the internet? Is that going to fix the problem?

Have you even alerted her supervisor of your observations or issues you most certainly have with this person.

Since you 'enjoy' your position wouldn't you want it fixed? I thought this was a consumer website?


you should just quit if you feel this strongly about her.....honeslty your probley one of the girls that NOBODY likes and all you can do is start drama about everyone else.....oh but wait I'm sure you probley think that your SO perfect!! My advice to you is to follow the other advice and go to Kmart...thats where all the low lifes work and sounds like thats what you are!! ***!


just like a g o employee to put the blame on you thay defend there own to the end right or wrong. and why slame k-mart not a bad place to work. we do have freedom of speech this is still america the last time i checked


I am not so sure that your supervisor needs the attitude adjustment. What you have just done is not only unprofessional but also potentially illegal.

You must know that there are video cameras all over your store. There are actually people who sit and watch these videos.

If your manager is wandering away for hours, certainly she would be caught. I think you should go work for K-mart.


why would I trust the hotline they cant even keep payroll corrections straight! Maybe she should think about what she says in front of people and herself act more professional as a manager!


wow....maybe you should try talking to people before you resort to slandering her name on the internet! And what good do you expect to come from this??

this is very unprofessional and not to mention childish! think about your actions a little bit more before you think next time!!


there's usually a confidential number you can call to report any problems you might have. it's supposed to be posted on the bulletin board next to the punch clock. give it a call and see what that does for you.