Bismarck, North Dakota
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We live in an apartment and our landlord purchased a new fridge for us at the Bismarck Location. Was delivered on Friday, by Sunday everything was thawed and warm.We threw away over $300.00 in groceries!!!!

Called Austin at the store and he basically said, "not our problem." Called Fridgidaire who said "not our problem." Called the Menards corporate and they said if I have a complaint I need to send it in with a receipt. Basically told tuff luck, your screwed out of all your groceries!!!!! UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!!

We should not be out all that money in groceries!!! Someone should be responsible!!!!

Monetary Loss: $300.

  • Apartment
  • Fridgidaire Refridgiator
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That someone is your landlord, that someone who should be calling the store is your landlord. You are not the owner of the refrigerator, the landlord is, and frankly why did you put food in a refrigerator that was warm to begin with? That sounds a bit like user error.


My guess is that someone should be you. Did you read the instruction manual that came with your refrigerator?

I just took a look at mine and it says not to put food in it until you have had it running for 24 hours for it to get cold enough.

It even warns that food may spoil if placed in the refrigerator too soon. If you had run it for 24 hours and it hadn't gotten cold you would have known there was a problem with it before before you filled it with food.