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same freezer worked perfectly for three months, then failed costing us lots of money!!! unplugged and cleaned unit started right back up, left running and empty for some time working perfectly again thinking we might have had a power failure! just to find out the hard way that this unit is a BAD choice. We were tricked twice by this freezer. The first time it was full of food and meat that we lost, the second time not as much, but still a significant loss. Food is darned expensive these days, at to just throw it away in the trash is incomprehensible. We work so hard to feed our family, to just throw food away makes me want to cry.

We will be contacting Menards and manufacturer!

Monetary Loss: $600.

  • professional series deep freeze
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I'm calling *** on this one, mostly because all major appliances, even the small chest freezers come with a 1 year manufacturers warranty that covers up to $100 worth of food. And they can get nicer freezers, you just were an *** for buying a *** one


I agree, Menards isn't at fault for selling you cheap products. You get what you pay for most of the time.

Believe it or not, if you had a power outage, or defect in a household product that isn't covered by the manufacturer, your household or renters insurance should cover the loss of all your food (minus deductible). Have had to make a claim more than once myself due to long term power failures.


Pretty funny that you are blaming menards instead of the the maker.


Menards needs to realize that they are selling an inferior product and that the consumer is left holding the bag!!


You know you dont have to shop at menards. There are other places.


I'm pretty sure they already know that. There is a reason their products are cheaper. Nobody forces you to buy the cheap freezer.


You should direct this post at the manufacture. Menards has noting to do with making sure a unit works. Once again another poorly filed complaint not directed at the right company.