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It is nice to get a rebate check but not so nice when you try to use it after driving 25mi. pulling a 3000lb.

trailer to haul lumber home and they say they can not take the rebate at this time because of a computer problem. It cost me $25.00 in gas to get nothing. Now I have to drive back there and double my cost for driving. I do a lot of shopping at Menards but that will soon change.

Home Depot is the same distance in the other direction. I don't think they will pull this stunt on me. All the computers were working except the one for the rebates.

Sounds strange to me. Must spread the word.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Rebate.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Menards Cons: Hate fraud rebate system.

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You don't have a great understanding of computers, do you?! Technology fails sometimes.

This is not the fault of the store where it happens and I assure you the response would have been the same anywhere.

If it's such an insanely out-of-the-way inconvenience, then why wouldn't you call ahead? I always do and have never run into this issue.


Sounds like you only have hit just the TIP of the Menards *** PILE! If you DO follow your smart idea to stop spending your money there, you will not have to deal with the remainder of their *** rules and one sided policies.

I redid a complete house, my first one and the quality is soooo bad, we are now selling it and moving on.

I can tell everyone for sure, my next reno project will never include anything from this company! Signed, CHEAPER IS NOT ALWAYS BETTER!

@smarter now

You get what you pay for. Menards like the other home centers sell products at various price points.

If you choose a $59 door don't expect it to be the same quality as $189 door. If you chose the low price options to keep your price low you also chose to keep your quality low. It amazing how many people ask for the lowest price items and don't want to hear about the features of other products that may have served them better and the price may not have been much higher.

No matter where you shop look for someone who has been there for a while and tell them about there project and listen to their recommendations. An 18 year old kid may be able to look up a product and print an invoice for you but if you find someone that has been around of 10 years they will have 10 years of feedback on the products and a better idea of what makes one product worth paying a little more for.


I can assure you Home Depot runs into similar technical difficulties from time to time. Have you owned a vehicle that never broke down?

Does everything you own always work perfectly? Relax! Don't be an ignorant consumer! Open your eyes and realize the world does not revolve around you.

Stuff happens! No reason to get all bent out of shape over a minor issue.


The credit checks are checked for value just as a credit card is checked to be sure it is valid and can cover the purchase price. From time to time the line to the corporate office may go down.

This usually doesn't last long and they should have been able to try again in 5 or 10 minutes. They should have offered you the opportunity to wait.


Not that "strange" that one terminal was not working. It happens.

However, you would think Menard's---or any store---would have a backup plan for these occasions. Apparently, not.

Yes, shop at Home Depot from now on as the Menard's rebate offer is nothing but a scam to get you into their store and spend not only your original purchase money there, but also the rebate they send you. Really, not a good deal for you tho it is great for Menard's.


Do not have to take Menards word for it. Do the math yourself if you can find it elsewhere cheaper they match it.

They do it for me all the time. Plus they give me credit towards my next purchase ON TOP of that?!? *** no brainer for me but I guess everyone's different.

Some people like spending more money for the same ***. 25 dollars in gas is nothing compared to the money you'd have to spend on the marked up lumber.