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I went in to the Fox Lake, IL Menards on Thursday November 9, 2012. I was in there to purchase all the electrical and sir supply parts to get my compressor working. Which I had just spent $480.00 on, in Menards a week prior. My cousin and I were in the store roughly one hour. Upon leaving I was approached by a "security guard", 20 year old punk kid with an attitude. I was accused of stealing air hose components that were valued at $.99 a piece. After showing my receipt, emptying my pockets, and showing him my merchandise, he realized he was wrong. Instead of saying sorry, he proceeded to tell me it was my lucky day, that he didn't feel like doing paperwork that late in the night any ways, and that he hoped I had a Happy Holidays. Having kids at home that I needed to get back to I left.

I have since called twice, and emailed back and forth with the supposed General Manager, Daniel DuFour. He has continued with he response that "the situation is being investigated". I am not holding my breath, that's the same thing I told Mr. DuFour. I also conveyed to him that as a household we spend roughly $300 at Menards monthly, not including the $480 on the compressor, or the $180 I spent the night their "security guard" harassed me.

I was also told that the security company was sub-contracted. This was implying that it was not Daniel DuFours problem. I also explained to Mr. DuFour that Menards is my favorite home improvement store and as long as Menards takes the proper steps to make this situation right, I will continue to be a Menards shopper. I have now yet to hear back from a situation that occured almost a week ago.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Manager.

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whatever, get over it. How much time did you waste crying?

My god, he checked your purchases. There's 480 dollars worth of 1 dollar fittings.

They were probably just checking that the teller counted them right, which can have errors too.

Whatever, pay more at home depot if it make syou feel better to cry and pay more.


Dont let anyone in the store bully you, you did the right thing. Misunderstandings happen, and a polite professional discussion will solve most problems, I'm just sorry for you that no one at that store realizes they all represent menards at a store level and could approach you professionally or at least respectfully.

And forget about the security, those are subcontracted punks (to be fair, there are some nice ones) but you don't deserve to be treated poorly based on suspicion. Anyway, *** those people who said you deserved to be falsely harrassed, and good luck with the store, but don't expect any real resolutions, just try and move forward.


I like to *** in parking lots


you're a ***! or should I say "***"!!!!!!


What exactly do you want the GM to do?


Spending 300 bucks a month at a store entitles you to nothing, we laugh at you people who say that. It's even more funny when you think 300 dollars a month is a lot of money.

We have people who spend thousands of dollars a month at Menards and we would treat them exactly the same as you. The security people are contracted out, but I can assure you Menards wants them to act exactly the way he did to you. Menards is paranoid about theft. In the monthly newsletter there is one section bragging about catching thieves.

Menards is so paranoid if you bring a lunch box to work you have to have it checked before you can leave the store. Anyways you're not special and you demanding something to be done about it is just silly. What do you expect Menards to do? Fire the guy?

Ha, they want thieves to be intimidated. They're probably patting him on the back. Also think about it why would Menards contract out security?

TO DUCK AND DODGE OUT ON LIABILITY. Just don't shop at Menards that's the only way you can do anything about this great injustice!


Hey dickbag, is that why they called and gave me a $100 gift card today. Even if a store is paranoid on theft they should be *** sure they are right.

As for

Being intimidated, that's hilarious, you don't know my background.

I spent 3 1/2 years of my life in prison you *** I just wanted free ***. Jokes on you "Heartless".


next time hide your location...


Why would I hide my location? I'm not scared or worried about any of these ***.

Hence the reason my real name is in the nickname slot. Come and get some!


I can't edit my complaint, however the date should read November 30. I dont know how the date got goofed up.