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On Saturday June7,2014 I went into your store in Merrillville IN purchased some items along with a piece of 12' pvc pipe. I bagged what was bagable and stood the pipe up against the end of the counter, I got my items that were bagged when I got home and was getting ready to do the job that I purchased the pipe for, i didn't have it. So I went back to the store with my receipt that showed the purchase, I was told that it had been put back in stock and that I had taken it. well, I wouldn't have went back to the store with my reciept if I had stolen it. Which that didn't make any sense to me at all!! But I wasn't going to stand there and argue with the clerk. I needed the pipe so I had to repurchase one. I did tell her however, that I would be a *** fool to come into the store steel a piece of pipe and come back with my receipt with the purchase of the pipe on it. I am a regular customer at Menard's I purchase 85 to 90 % of my supplies from just about every department in your store. I'm very upset about this unwarrented action.

Thank You

Michael Guyton

Monetary Loss: $1.

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Menards would have just checked the security footage to see if you had taken it with you or not. The receipt would have giving the date/time and cashier/lane it happened and EVERY REGISTER has a camera right on it.

Also you state that you were excused of stealing it while they claimed to put it away, this is a very odd comment. Anyways this complaint is either from a major stoopid person or a troll.


Your complaint seems odd. You state that they say they put it in stock and you took it.

Can't be both. If you had talked to the office manager it wouldn't have taken long for them to look at the security cameras and see if you left it or walked out the door with it.


the comment, I found at home is NOT TRUE and guyton5249 did not write this comment!!!!


Update I found the pipe at home, but I did not mean to steel it, if I ever go back I will tell them I am sorry and it was a mistake.


WOW! That was terrible, I'd be pissed too!