Forces mask mandate LOLLOLClapping My husband forgot he did not have a mask proceeded into the store was asked to leave. Was not offered another option (as a mask to be handed to him) I suffer from high anxiety and severe asthma.

(I do not have to wear a mask because of medical conditions. When I called the store I was told this was not up for discussion and was hung up on! I called corporate and was told they were privately owned, and they did not have to provide service to anyone! By all means they can do as they see fit, but this is called decrimination.

If I were in a wheelchair and refused service because my chair wouldn't fit there would be a lawsuit.

No difference. Menard will NOT receive any more of my money!


Location: 3340 Vandiver Drive, Columbia, MO 65202

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They aren't discriminating against anyone. They require everyone to wear a mask if you want to shop in their store.

How does your medical condition prevent you from spreading the virus if you don't wear a mask? If you don't want to be socially responsible and do your part in reducing the spread of the virus just stay home.


Well your husband forgot to wear a mask. They are not required to give him one.

Also you have no case. Business are allow to refuse service, and if you were in a wheelchair and they did not have a door to let it fit in it is not discrimination.


Wear a mask or stay the F out.. It's easy


Pretty sure they are accommodating by you purchasing online and picking up curbside in back of the store.


This is sadly not discrimination. Your husband forgot his mask and why should they provide him one.

This wearing a mask thing has been happening nearly a year.

How could he forget. Also they do have a right to refuse service, sadly if you were in a wheelchair and your chair could not fit you would not have a lawsuit as they have a right to refuse service.


Your husband was wrong.


What does decrimination mean?


Decrimination is a progressive pronoun for somebody the fell out a turnip truck. Your welcome.

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