Battle Creek, Michigan

BEWARE we purchased enough flooring to do 1/2 the job and returned the following weekend to get enough to finish the job only to find they were out of stock and that it was no longer available. They were able to locate enough to do it from a store in Indiana (we are in Michigan) but they will not ship it to this store we have to drive (100 plus miles) to get it !!!

We own a business and proably do an average of 10-15000 a year with them , because of their unwillingness to satisfy this complaint we will no longer use Menards

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I have to agree with Heartless, and commend him for not name calling like Mean Man Marty does. Common sense tells most of us that only buying enough for half the job on purpose without securing the rest ahead of time was foolish.

Some, not most customers expect too much, unlike what Deeerrrrrrnoff states. :zzz


So let me get this straight, you only bought half of what you needed then expected Menards to still have more when you came back a week later? Did you ever consider asking one of the workers at Menards if they would be likely to have more in-stock when you planned to return?

This is all on you! You can never assume a place will always have the item you want in-stock 100% of the time. You need to make sure of it. Items go on close out, seasonal status or simply the manufacture can not produce enough of it fast enough and that was just the 3 most common reasons there are many more.

As far as the shipping part between stores is concerned it's not going to happen. Menards would lose to much money on that.

However, you can call up that store and ask them to deliver it. That will run you anywhere from 200 to 1000 dollars.


Heartless you are by far the smartest person on this website. I commend you for telling these foolish people how it is.

You're right almost all the time. It's unfortunate they do not want to listen to you or open their eyes.


I'm going through menards complaints 1 by 1 and learning how *** people can be. I'm on your and marty's side.

People are so quick to blame anyone but themselves.

So far each complaint i've read is totally on the customer, not the worker. If a *** is going to only buy 1/2 of the flooring they need, menards is in no way expected to magically know that the idiots will be back for more.


Sorry you chose Menards for flooring to begin with. I found out the hard way just like you, the stores don't interact as other large chain stores and most of the time Menards sells inferior quality products, as far as I'm concerned Menards is off the list for any home project. Hope I didn't confuse you about buying anything from Menards, go to Home Depot or lowes next time.


No matter where you shop buying only enough to half the job isn't wise. You can run into this situation anywhere you shop.

As Menards doesn't have trucks running from store to store you have the option of driving to get it or paying to have it delivered either by their delivery service who will charge by the mile to go and get it or have it shipped via common carrier.

I expect you did the math and figured out it would be cheaper to make the drive. In the future be sure to buy what you need to finish the job.