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i worked at menards evansville indiana store and i put in about 7 months. it wasnt so bad.

i am disabled and i was constantly picked on by the managers. well my friend went in while i waited in truck and stole something. i wasnt even aware of his intentions. they arrested him and fired me.

the manager harrassed me about being disabled, and even searched his vehicle without consent of police. im filling a lawsuit against them. i wasnt on security cams to fall in category to lose my job.

total BS!! never shop there, poor excuse for a store.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Manager.

Location: Thousand Palms, California

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You are an idiot. Of course you didn't know your "friend" was shady.

You're lucky all they did was fire you.

If you don't like it, build your own store titled crybaby lumber and run it your way. Hire all the {{Redacted}} and employees you want and see which ones you keep.


suck it up ***


First of all. Indiana, "at will employment" means your employer or you can terminate your employment at any time for any reason.

I worked at a local company that was bought by a larger corporation and they fired EVERY manager of every department the first day and replaced them with their companies people. Fair, no. Its just life. Some times your just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

If you really didn't know anything about it you could have given it a few days and came in and sat with Stewart and had a heart to heart talk with him and he probably would have given you another chance.

Putting your lawsuit rant on the internet shows your immaturity and lack of problem solving skills. Goodluck with your job search, we wish you the best.


I agree with you completely, but I would go even one step further. How do we know that you weren't in on it as well? I think you were the master mind behind the whole thing.


You're friends with a thief... there is your first problem.

All I'm saying is it's extremely easy to see you're a liar and you use disability as something to blame it on.

They fired you because you were an accessory to theft. Not because you're disabled, glad you joined the ranks of turds who think that blaming things on disability is acceptable.


whats your excuse for firing dennis dixon?


Picked on? No way!

Total *** what this person is saying. I know all three of the general managers very well at the Evansville store and I have worked at that store before the three current GMs (Stewart, Shawnon, and Oliver) have and they are nothing but extremely fair and unbiased (unlike fox news). Yes, I would agree with you that Menards as a company is "fire happy"(they just fired Dennis Dixon(Operations Manager) who is third in command behind Jon Menard(sole-proprietor)and Scott Collete(CEO). The company as a whole expects a Mid-West work ethic and are willing to pay for it ,(I average $10.75 an hour for part time, and made much more as a Deparmtnet manger before I went back to school) you have got to understand your very replaceable in this line of business; especially in this economy.

If you lost your job it was your own fault (I see it on a daily basis and they don’t just fire employees for fun). ~ I don’t know who you were but I’m glad I don’t have to work with your *** attitude any longer.

Being picked on? Grow some balls!


how can they prove that you didn't tell you didn't inform your friend on ways to steal the products? i mean since you work there you might know where places are that the workers aren't usuaully in and where the camera's don't point. and how do they know that you didn't ask the guy stealing the stuff to steal it for you?

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