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I applied for a full time job at Menard's in Wichita Kansas in February of 2011. I was contacted some time later and told part time was available if I was interested.

I accepted and a short time after that was able to find another part time job to help fill the void. This second part time job required me to work Saturdays.

The Menard's store was in the process of opening to the public in February. For about 3 weeks I worked Monday –Wednesday 7am to 10pm "setting" the store with merchandise.

After the grand opening I was scheduled to work Mondays and Tuesdays 4pm to closing (about 10:30 –11pm). All was well for about 6-8 weeks.

Then I was suddenly told I had to work weekends. I reminded the manager that I had another part time job that I was obligated to on Saturday sense I was not hired full time from the beginning.

It mattered not and I was dismissed. This company wants to absolutely own you and if they can't then your gone.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Manager.

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Having worked a number of years at Menards I can tell you with the exception of casual part time morning stock crews everyone is expected to work at least every other weekend and they are even pushing the casual part timers to work weekends as well. Much as it is at most retail stores, weekends are the busiest times of the week for sales. If you want a job that doesn't require weekend work, stay away from retail.


This sounds about right. I got fired for asking questions and the manager considered this as insubordination.

Nate the manager in Hardware thinks anything is insubordination but he had an agenda and that was to get rid of as many full timers as he could.

I never missed any days and was told by many guests that I had excellent guest service but this did not matter. Once they want you gone all of your hard work is in vain.


you must be a millennial. poor me


Yip they are ***


I worked for this company and for going to school i was frowned upon. either i was giving my life or i was taking a shot at my future and i was *** enough to work for my store for over a year and during the addition they let me go.

Thank you Menards. i threw away my chance from college only to lose any and all chances.


For the Menards Team Member from Madison: As a matter of factly, that is grossly incorrect. You may even check with any GM, or AGM, but the one benefit of working as a part time employee for Menards, is the simple fact that they work around YOUR schedule, and as full time, you work around THEIRS.

I'm not sure if you are a manager's pet or one of those favored over others team member (which is seriously appears to be) but you have to be blinder than a bat to not see that. I understand this is a company, they need workers, they are the schedulers, not you, however it then comes down to the simple fact of having human decency. To the gentlemen with car issues: i agree, if you are a solid, dependable, hard worker, there should be no reason why they don't work with you.

As simple as that. I say be thankful for the opportunity they gave you to pay the bills, but be on the search for a career, not a job like Menards.

@Menards Employee

I don't think you ever worked at Menards, or they are paying you a lot to come here and defend them. lol

Here's a clue for you, not everyone is capable of searching out for a well paying career.

Some people actually need jobs like this to pay their bills and it doesn't get much better as life goes on. They are not going to become doctors or lawyers, they are not going to become business owners or stock brokers, they can't become teachers or professors. What do you expect everyone has the same intelligence and/or limitations that they can achieve everything that others can?

The real world doesn't work like this.

I have a learning disability. It's bad enough to the point that anything having to do with numbers outside of counting is very difficult for me. Grammar and writing can be difficult as well, I always have my husband double check anything I write. I also didn't have much of a support system growing up and it's left with me a lack of confidence that doesn't go away.

I graduated high school, but I was in many of the easy classes reserved for students like me. So what career path should I be on the look out for?

I rely on jobs that pay decent and treat their employees well. I was great at my job and I'm a hard worker. All my co-workers and guest appreciated my work ethic and I was employee of the month once.

The problem is that I asked questions if I didn't understand something or to get answers about policy changes. I speak passionately, but I'm not rude. A supervisor didn't like my questions se he snapped at me, I called him a dictator and got me suspended. Fine, my mistake and I'm not complaining about that.

Then two hours after I'm back from suspension, he said I was being insubordinate when I asked about a new rule book he wanted all of us to sign. I was fired right away. This time, he lied and said I was giving attitude when I wasn't.

I just asked about the rule book and clarification on something. He wouldn't have it and ran off to tell the GM.


To Tim B. Well you're just about wrong about everything do you even work there?

Inside you don't start off at mininum wage you accutally start off a dollar hour more an hour then mininum for part time sale associates.

You also get 20 cent raises a year not 10. Its 10cents every 6 months and your first year you get 3 raises 3months 6months and a year.


you guys are a bunch of whining ***. We aren't 10 anymore.

You work for a company who ALLOWED you to work for them and earn money while doing it.

They are there to make money (not friends) just like you are there to do. Grow up and put your big boy pants on because its an opportunity not an obligation


youre retarded. best place to work and great pay.

any place you work will be like that. grow up.


i don't freekin work there and will starve before i do


if you have a complaint at menards, this is their help desk number that is such a "secret" 715-876-2636 enjoy

@ex menardian

This number does not work


I see lots of whiner's...need a little cheese with that whine..


I work for Menards as a part time cashier and I'm able to work every other weekend. I've been there for over 6 years now and at this point I keep sticking around because of IPS and the Christmas bonus.

I recently learned that after so long or so much (I don't know specifics) but they will eventually max out your raises so you stay at a certain pay when you reach some limit and that goes for your paychecks, IPS percent, and Christmas bonus. Once I reach my limit they can kiss me goodbye, there's no reason for staying with such a twisted company when I know there's nothing more to be gained from it.


Dear Team Member #5.,

How little you know about the world. I have a job now that requires me to work at least 15 hours a month- the 15 I choose each month.

I can work as many as 50 hours in a month- any 50 hours I pick to work. It's a 24/7/356 operation. I can start out choosing only 15 (which is what I have myself scheduled in July so far) and as the month goes on, I can add more hours if I want to. This company employs about 200 people.

We are also allowed to switch and swap time slots after we have chosen them. Simply put, work when you want to, but when you say you want to, you better be here. If you don't want to work much one month, okay, you don't get much of a paycheck that month either. Everybody can live a life AND work!!

Actually, I had a government job for 3 years that was structured much the same way-slightly different rules. So, maybe you just need to . .

. grow.


It's all about the papers you sign. If you write on your availability as being "open" or failing to write in the words "except Saturdays" then you failed yourselves.

Much of the time, those who are hiring actually pay little attention to it, and if they ask about it-it's like any other contract, what you tell them isn't as important as what you give them in writing! I did that at my last part-time job and no one noticed until I asked them to refer back to my availability sheet- it had the words "no availability" under the Saturday heading. They didn't like it, but they could not schedule me Saturdays.

Someone just over looked it. Come on people, take care of yourselves- no employer is actually going to care about you.


I agree with you. I worked for the Menards in Lancaster, Ohio and I never missed a day.

When I broke my fingers I had to have them reset(Not job related). And I was going to be off for short while. While I was in the hospital getting my fingers set back in place, they terminated my employment for "not being reliable". lol what a joke.

I then went in with my medical documentation. and they told me that I had my basis covered as far as excuse going but it "was out of their hands" and there was nothing I could do about it. But they were kind enough to say, I was "rehire-able", an that I had to redo all of my paperwork, and retake the orientation all over again like I was a new hire. I laughed and told them why on earth would I ever want to work for them again, after everything I did for that company, and took the slack of the employees in my department while they lolly-gagged about the store and not do anything job related, leaving it all to me to do.

That was the best thing that ever happened to me, because I would not have the life I do now. :)


I work at menards and I just don't care if they see this and fire me. The company is a terrible place to work.

All of the managers I know of at the store I work at play favorites. Part of who they schedule to work is who is reliable and does decent work. That is fine, and a smart thing. Part of it is a matter of who isn't someone they don't like for personal reasons. We have two guys who are reliable and do good work, but don't get hours because we all know the department manager doesn't like them.

I've been without a car for a few weeks now. My motor blew and I'm in the process of doing an engine swap, waiting on parts and getting the time and money. I explained this and that I don't want to ride my bike home at night in the dark, hoping they would be at least understanding and give me hours in the morning instead. I close 4 of the 5 days I work for the last 3 weeks and the next two weeks.

I work every holiday they are open, which is everything except Thanksgiving and Christmas. Day after thanksgiving, I was there. Same with XMas Eve. New Years. Easter. And I'm schedule to work on the 4th of July. Nothing says freedom like having to work while everyone else is setting off fireworks, drinking beer and eating.

The pay just sucks. Inside, you make minimum wage. In the lumber yard, you get $.50 an hour more. Raises are $.10 a year, assuming you pass a test over policies and procedures covering other departments that you would have no way of knowing about. Paychecks are direct deposited, I believe 3 weeks after the pay period ends, every other week. If anything is broken or damaged, such as scratching the bed of a truck while loading shingles using a forktruck (this is rather common), it comes out of our paychecks.

If a customer special orders something and it comes in damaged but isn't seen when it arrives, we won't take it back. If special orders or prepaid merchandise sits 90 days, it's put back up for sale and the customer's money is not refunded.

Mark up on items like lumber are rather low, lock sets, hardware, other small stuff can have a huge mark up. A box of nails costs them $.50 and they charge $5. Lumber they make about a nickel or a dime a board, up to a dollar or so.


I know exactly what you went through. I worked for the store I was at for 2 years and I was what they considered a "model employee" until I started having car issues.

I was 5 minutes late one day and got completely passed up on a promotion because of it. I worked 2 jobs the whole time I worked there because they only give you hours when they feel like it. I would always be told there was no full time available in any departments only to see someone else get full time a month later.

After that I gave up and apparently my opinion is what got me blackballed. I agree with the original poster this is one of the worst companies to work for and everyone one else who seems to love it, apparently they've gotten to you already and got you in Menards zombie mode