Chicago, Illinois

I was walking in the store slipped on a trail of liquid that ran from the back of the store to the front. A clerk saw me and came over and if I was alright.

I got up and stood there to see if I had hurt anything. An assistant manager of the dept. came over and asked me if I was ok. I was looking at how far the trail went and saying it should be cleaned up before someone else fell, I warned a couple of shoppers to watch out.

One guy finally showed up with a bucket and started mopping at the front, I said you have one guy to take care of a spill like this. Another guy showed up with 2 caution signs and I made another comment about 2 signs for the length of the store. When I saw their lack of concern I made a couple of videos. I was then taken to the fron of the store to fill out a report.

I expressed that I thought they were taking their time in cleaning the spill up and the clerk said we are cleaning it up and once again I said 2 people, from that point on he was very rude. I thought I would be taken into an office so I followed him into the area behind the counter and he said would you go behind the counter. I then said I'll be back and went to check on the spill once again. Two people still working on it but one had gotten a dust mop and was going over it soaking it up.

I went back up front took a pic of Nick the rude clerk who was typing away. There were other people standing around waiting for help at which time he asked for my name, address and phone number. He said he didn't appreciate me taking a pic of him without permission and I told him it would have been nice if he had offered me a seat after having fallen. I then asked for a copy and was denied one, it seems they don't give you a copy.

I then asked for a corporate number and he mumbled something about their insurance company if I had a medical issues. He wrote down the number after I asked him to and that was it. At no time did anyone apologize for anything.

Once I made a comment about the clean up I was treated rudely. If this is normal treatment of a customer who falls in the store then I warn everyone to watch out or better yet go to Home Depot

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Manager.

  • Rude store clerks
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What the Helll is your pathetic point.....get a freaking life....or ...wrap yourself in bubble wrap and sit in a closet....putz


You are a *** bag. At least they cleaned it up, does it matter how long it took them?


Maybe menards would have more money to hire more workers to clean up spills as you describe if people like you didn't want to make money and sue them for your own ignorance.


How massive was this pond of liquid that you couldn't avoid?


Obviously, you hurt your pride. Thank goodness it was big enough to soften your fall and prevent serious injury.

It wasn't a pleasant experience, I'm sure. But as you report, they did come to your aide to make sure you were alright. And they got a mop and signs out to address the spill. It is a big store and it may not have seemed like Menards was doing enough to clean up the spill as fast as you may have wanted.

But I don't see where they deserved your being rude to those who were only trying to help you. And then to have you running around taking pictures.

May not have been the best way for you to handle your hurt pride. Just saying.


No harm, no foul.


You obviously weren't hurt if your running back and forth checking out how they clean a spill. Everybody in retail knows you never apologize, because that is admitting fault, so you just don't do that.


How many people do you think a store should have standing around waiting to clean up? Obviously someone had a leaking container in their cart and they didn't notice it.

Unfortunately Menards is a big store.

With many departments having only 1 or 2 people working at a time they can't all ignore the customers they are helping to run over and clean up a spill. I think your expectations of having an army of people working on this are a little much for modern day retail.


All stores have cut back on employees and will continue to do so at a faster pace due to your friendly government requiring such things as increasing minimum wage and ObamaScare. Thus, the lack of people to do menial things like clean-ups.

In your case, if you weren't hurt, what's the problem? Time to get on with your life.


As nikalseyn said "If you were'nt hurt, what's the problem?"