Iowa City, Iowa

I have finally given up on Menards. Over the years we have had wrong paint mixed, wrong shingle estimates(causing us two delivery charges), and incomplete orders.

Now they seem to have lost an electronic payment and we are being harassed constantly by their credit department (who doesn't seem to have a clue about any communications pending on the account),and whopped with late fees for this payment and they don't lift one finger to try to locate where it may have gone. It was deducted from our account by our banking service. I am paying them off and will be done with that cheap place once and for all.

Lowes is a much more pleasurable shopping experience and more quality of merchandise.

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Menards won't give corporates phone number so therefore there azzhole's!


Every place you choose to patron will make it's share of mistakes. If you were the victim of poor service in the past, I apologize. I know that if you politely talk with the general manager of the store, he or she will do their best to rectify any shortcomings for your future visit.

The credit card company will be happy to work with you. Simply provide them proof (from your "banking service") of the transfer you refer to and they will no doubt rectify this for you.

I have to believe if you ask for this proof, you will find it is most likely a miscommunication on the "banking service" end.

Hope you come back to Menards. Lowes really sucks!


Just like Roberto said, Menards does NOT handle the Big Card. It is a seperate bank (HSBC) that owns the card.

That's why you can't make payments at the store. Don't blame Menards, blame the bank. And about your "over the years" complaints?

God forbid someone should make a mistake. Lord knows YOU don't.


take your bad attitude to lowes. it's only a matter of time before you have problems with them also.

people that have issues, have them everywhere in their lifes. it's not where you shop.

it's something else. guess?


typical. nobody wants to take responsibility for their own problems. guaranteed there is alot more to this than menards doing it all wrong.


File this complaint under "HSBC"....they are the ones who take care of the BIG card....maybe if you learned to read the contracts you sign, where it very clearly states the HSBC is the owner of the account, you'd figure out how to pay your bills online (yeah...a "lost" payment...I've tried that one too...doesn't work, does it?) and stop blaming other people for your problems.