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I recently purchase several bags of a product advertised by the signage and sample display case at the Evendale Ohio store as Mini bark Nuggets, only to find out that once I opened several bags and dumped these out into my flower bed that these nuggets were anything but Mini..Most were nuggets 3-4" in dimensions vs the .5-1" displayed in the bin. I contacted customer service asking for a refund at which they indicated to just bring them back.

Great if the bags were not opened and already dumped. I guess their definition of Mini covers a wide range not enforceable even though their sample bin could not have accommodated the actual material samples.

Not likely to shop at this company in the future.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bark Mulch.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $35.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Menards Pros: Rebate programs, Choices.

Menards Cons: Dishonest information.

  • Mini Bark Nuggets
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If they are 3 inches it sounds like you got more than your money's worth. If you want small stuff just get some mulch or what is called Pine bark mulch which is sold at Walmart and Home Depot


I think a reputable company is one that researches their products and chooses them carefully, and guarantees that the customer is getting that same product. In the case of the product I purchased, the bark was not easily seen thru the packaging, was not "mini" by the definition on the bag or ad, and had incorrect signage.

So I'll take responsibility for not being present when it was spread, but that doesn't make it right. It was still a misrepresented product and that is not good customer service.


The same thing happened to me in Milwaukee WI. The sign right in front of them said "mini".

I hired someone else to spread them out.

Too late now. Not happy either with the false representation of the product.


I can't think of many mulch that doesn't come in bags and most of them are clear. When you lifted the bags you would have at least felt the size of the mulch and more than likely seen the size as well. Why did you bother taking it home if it was so much larger than you thought it was?


Refund is for time wasted in total transaction due to false advertisement. Judy would have agreed with the "facts"


Judge Judy would tell you if the steak didn't look like the picture on the menu and you didn't like that you should have returned it, but if you ate the steak you have to pay for it. You didn't think the product looked like the display.

You should have returned it rather than opening and using multiple bags.

If you think it is so bad you are going to get rid of it somehow. Rather than paying to have it hauled away, put it into trash bags, take it back with the empty bags and get a refund.


Highly unlikely. The consumer has to take some responsibility.

You can't be ignorant and expect compensation. Consumers should be paying attention to what they're purchasing. The consumer could clearly tell they were not the right size and should have never used them. It would be like being fully aware you had 4 cycle oil that you used in your 2 cycle gas string trimmer, next thing you know the trimmer is not working.....

Then you demand the store compensate you for the machine and time wasted.

NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! Consumers need to be more aware and take some of the blame.


Makes sense, but seems like the store may own some of the responsibility if they miss labelled the product in the bag. I can understand the frustration of having to return something that was not your fault.

Travel time along becomes an issue depending on distance. Not a lot of money involved just a principle.


He/she provided no evidence of incorrect tags and in any case it is irrelevant. Menards neither manufacturers no guarantees the quality of the product, there is no call for them to stand behind it.

If she/he didn't like what was in the bag, that's an issue to take up with the mill that makes the mulch, not the resale venue.

And if he/she couldn't be bothered to do that, just get his refund and move on. This is just like buying lumber; if you don't like what is in the pile get something else or a refund and leave, its not on them and as such its up to them to determine whether you get a refund after destroying the product packaging.


Your receative time is not billable. Judy would mock you just like deadbeats trying to be compensated for "missed wages" for being dragged to court (despite the fact the arbitration is forgone sham anyway).

It doesn't work that way you entitled ***. And again, your dissatifaction with the product quality has nothing to do with the store, so you are misguided as well.


It seems like that if size were important you would have noticed they were bigger than you wanted when you opened the first bag. Instead you opened and dumped multiple bags and just want them to give you a refund.

Sounds like you want to do your landscaping for free.

Most stores would expect you to return a product you aren't satisfied with in order to get a refund. As Judge Judy says "If you eat the steak, you have to pay for it."