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Update by user May 18

Update 5/18/19 Have reached out to Menards management and corporate with no response.

Original review posted by user Mar 06

My dad went to return a belt sander to Menards, and was falsely accused of damaging the cord (there was electrical tape on it that was there when he rented it, we even have photographs showing the electrical tape there from the day he rented it). They were absolutely rude, accusatory, and belligerent.

They refused to produce evidence that the tape was there upon rental (although they claimed their extremely blurry security footage was proof, and it was actually comical how blurry it was- it proved nothing except that they should upgrade their security system), and stopped him from leaving the store and even went as far as telling him they would ban him from the store. He has never in his life been treated so poorly at a store by managers and staff. Their behavior and treatment towards him was deplorable. I’m also irritated that they are allowing faulty equipment to be rented in the first place.

How incredibly dangerous to do that and then blame the next customer! BEWARE RENTING ANYTHING FROM MENARDS, especially the location at 27th street in Oak Creek. Having been a loyal Menards customer for over 30+ years, he will be taking his business elsewhere. He was forced to pay the charge of $30.00 for the cord replacement, despite it absolutely not being his fault (I mean there's not much you can do when they hold you hostage and threaten calling the police).

My father is a meticulous electrical engineer and carpenter, who takes great pride and care in his work and equipment. Having him accused of lying from the MOMENT he walked in with the sander is unacceptable. He got pretty upset in the store, and had to go through three employees all blaming him for damage and basically calling him a liar. Although I know it doesn't prove much, I have attached the photo of him starting to sand my floors about 30 minutes after we brought the sander home.

The damage is shown in the red circle. It was there upon his picking it up. My husband even commented that he was surprised they let him rent it like that, being a safety hazard. We don't even care as much about the $30.00 as how he was treated.

The staff completely screwed up and then blamed it all on him AND made him pay for it. Shame on you, Menards.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $30.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Menards Cons: Poor manager help, Will not go back to menards, Staff attitude.

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renting tools from Menard's is the biggest scam they run. Don't ever do that again!


I'd bet that if you went in to rent the sander today that the tape would still be on the cord and they would rent it to you. You have to wonder how many people they have charged $30 to replace the cord on the sander.

Skip rentals at retail stores and go to a rental shop. Many charge a small insurance fee up front that would cover damage that may happen and eliminate potential charges after the fact.


Think it is? Or do you know it is?

Pretty bold statement from someone with no skin in the game. I have no idea if they replace things right away or not but I don't just assume they don't just to bash them. It's very sad how they treated these people and should never happen, but on the other hand i would have never rented an electrical item with tape on the cord, or would have at least written it somewhere on the contract. These items are very basic and easy to see if there is an issue, if there is just write it down, it's not hard.

Especially something as obvious as tape on a cord. I also think it's funny how everything is a "scam" on here. I didn't get a rebate so the entire system is a scam, i scratched a truck and had to pay for it so its a scam. It's unreal.

And then we wonder why the youth thinks everyone owes them something and they have no responsibility for anything because someone else should have taken care of it for me.

I read these reviews to try to get some information but 99% of them are just people complaining about things they could have prevented to begin with. and then other people chiming in with their "opinions" when they really have no clue.


The cord was wrapped up, so we didn’t notice the electrical tape until it was unwrapped at home. (Which is why they couldn’t find any evidence on the tapes- because the cord was wrapped up in every shot they could find.) Call it our fault for not looking over the entire machine before rental, but that’s not really our job, is it?

They are supposed to look over the machine before renting it out (we learned from another Menards), but they didn’t do that.

We certainly will (and have begun to) check over each machine from now on. No response from corporate or management as of yet (nor do I doubt we ever will).


Also, I will add that we paid for the optional insurance. It covers everything except the power cord.


(We didn’t know that when we rented it. Just figured we’d be safe by paying for the insurance.)


We paid for the optional insurance at Menards. The only thing it doesn’t cover is the cord.