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I was directed to three different places to pick up my online order. Finally they sent me through the lumber yard for some reason, to enter the same Menards from the back.

When I was leaving, they wanted to search my trunk, just to see if I stole anything. I said no. I had to call police, then they arrested ME and told me I would not be going anywhere until I complied with Menards policy!!! I was cuffed and put in to a squad car indefinitely, my wife threatened, and my car searched without PC, warrant, or consent.

And they have been sued before and warned by the courts that this is not lawful behavior. I have since discovered SO much more about the man and the company, it will make you SICK!!!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I see there are plenty of Menard {{Redacted}} shills in the comment section.

to Anonymous #1454338

And obviously some scumbags who would stick up for a guy that lost his case in court, so his opinion was obviously wrong.

to Anonymous #1459010

Ok tough guy, instead of calling people names hiding behind the computer, why don't you do something about it, puss. You are not about anything, and you don't matter.

to Anonymous #1459116

Oh god pls stop!! Your tough guy routine is just as laughable as calling names.

People have the right to express themselves. Even if it’s wrong in your eyes.

Try and remember that everyone has the same rights. You’re being just as “brave” as they are.


I hope the place burns down, and goes out of business.


Also note in the video this posters tries to argue the law with the POLICE! That’s not very smart. I suggest that before anyone posts they watch the video to the right of the picture of the store.


Uh yes you did deny a lawful order by the police. Your own video proves that.

By refusing to give a law enforcement officer your ID you gave them resonable suspicion. Then on top of that you have a mental disorder. Do you think the whole situation might have had something to do with it? That not only did you get belligerent, kinda politely, but you still were.

In the video that YOU PROVIDED they do not search your vehicle. They look in. That’s not searching. They don’t even take anything out or move anything.

Then when we listen to your wife speak she explains that you also have a mental disorder. YOU CAUSED ALL OF THIS!! Since you’re in the appeals process that means you lost your original case against them and want another shot.

If you wish to post what amounts to out and out lies PLEASE don’t post a video. It’s damning!


For those interested just do a little research on the case of Charles Waters and Anita Waters vs. the City of Coon Rapids as well as Menards and the officers involved.

You will find their case was dismissed in December of 2017.

Look at the court document and you'll see this complaint has no merit. Just someone that thinks rules and laws aren't for him.


To the OP as well as the other posters who are replying to this thread...Exactly What is the best solution to the OP's complaint?

to Anonymous #1440355

If he's not guilty just pop the trunk open and show them you have nothing of theirs hidden in the trunk.

to Anonymous #1440464

go somewhere else! It's the ONLY thing that will change menard's!

Hit them in the pocket book and they will listen! Otherwise you are just wasting your time.

But as long as they are as busy as they are, i doubt anything is going to change. It's hard to tell a highly profitable, busy business that they are doing something wrong.


Yeah, of course some people posting on here might not work for Menards, but there are regular posters on here, posting positive comments, and discrediting negative ones, on Menards ONLY posts. That in itself should tell the public something.

Make no mistake about it, nobody is buying the BS, that is posted by these ignorant fools. Have a great day everyone!

to Anonymous #1440047

This is a forum where people can post their opinions, positive or negative. Sure, there are supporters of Menards contradicting some of the posts you see here as they don't have the problems some people who don't agree with Menard's policies.

I find the best way to disagree with a stores policies is to just stop shopping there. Don't support them with your money.

If you get poor service don't be afraid to leave a cart full of merchandise (give it to an employee and let them know why your aren't making the purchase). I find there are legitimate complaints as well as those from people that just don't understand that companies have policies for a reason.


Since those who disagree are automatically labeled as Menards workers, I will clarify right now that I work for an insurance agency, NOT Menards and don't even shop there, never have. That said, it is completely normal for a store to search your vehicle when leaving their property.

Unless you live in "unicorn and puppy world" you are aware that people suck and stealing is incredibly common. Saying no when all they wanted to do was make sure you didn't have their merchandise in your trunk makes you look suspect.

If you have nothing to hide this shouldn't have been an issue. Sick and tired of people who are too self-important to follow simple rules and procedures, regardless of what company is asking it.


I worked for them for 8 months and quit because i disagreed with some of their policies. I am now in direct competition with them.

I am not a corporate shill and i actually hate them and the way they run their business. So now, on back to the OP. Why do you think that a company the size of Menard's basically operates in a complete vacuum? They know exactly what their rights are and what the laws are.

They don't implement policies with complete disregard to the laws! In this case they are perfectly within their rights, as many previous lawsuits have already determined. So much so that if you plan on suing them you can count on them filing a counter suit for defamation! This has been played out in courts in several states.

So what makes you think your case is any different? What makes you think your rights are any different than the people who have already experienced what you have, sued them, and lost? Like i said i really do wish you luck in your lawsuit because i really do think what they did to you is BS. But the reality is your chances of winning a lawsuit are very slim.

A much better idea would be to convince people to quit buying from them completely. As long as they have the amount of business they have and people are flocking to their stores nothing about this policy is going to change.


To all the Menards shills:What's wrong? Nothing better to do except shill on here, and rub one out all day? Bunch of salad tossing, losers.


A false arrest is not the same thing as being detained. You were held up and not arrested.

So your complaint is factually baseless. You assume your rights are above everyone else’s and they are not. It’s equal supposedly across the board. The same rights you enjoy that business enjoys.

So essentially the rights that have been fought and died for that you claim they claim as well.

Very funny that you feel that your being detained is more important then the businesses rights. Kinda sad really that members of my family died protecting your rights just to use them as a club.


Send their Corporate Headquarters a letter detailing your complaint.That information is found on their website.

to Anonymous #1439302

Where do you think the policy on inspecting vehicles comes from? It's the corporate headquarters that sets the policy on checking vehicles to see that unpaid merchandise isn't leaving the yard.

No let's get down to some common sense.

When you approach a secured yard with arms blocking the entrance and exit and a guard checks you in, wouldn't a person of average intelligence expect that their vehicle is going to be checked on the way out? If they were just going to let you drive in and out at your leisure do you think the would bother with the gate arms and paying someone to check vehicles in and out of the yard?


Getting all uppity if you have done nothing wrong is a you issue. It is their private property and they are well within their rights as you would be if you kept someone from leaving who may have stolen from you.

Get a grip!!! You want to be treated like a special snowflake but dismiss others demands. So the police arrested you until you complied so it sounds like you were overly aggressive and petulant. All you had to do is open your trunk and let them make sure that your shady entries and exits didn’t result in theft.

Your rights were NOT violated as it wasn’t a unreasonable request. You violated your own rights by acting out and refusing to comply with a lawful order from a police officer. Once you started acting that way you pretty much GAVE them probable cause to search as your behavior could have been the result of drug use. It’s amazing how many problems you people make for yourself!!

All you had to do was do as was asked of you and nothing more. When you act as you did you pretty much told them “I stole something”.

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