A 11% rebate is NOT !!% off. Do the math.

This a false advertising campaign. You make customers wait and take forever to comply.

Menards Pros: Variety of items.

Menards Cons: Rebates very difficult to use, Rebates are not the same as discounted.

Location: 10400 Assembly Park Drive, Wixom, MI 48393

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Doesn't quite qualify as misleading but comes darn close. TV ads have the fine print on the screen saying that it is a rebate but if you are just listening all you hear is the 11%.

I'm surprised some state attorney general hasn't gone after them to make it more obvious the promotion is a rebate. The 6-8 week lead time on the rebate form is far from accurate as well, I've seen 3-4 months.


What math? Do you need to do? They give you a rebate for 11% of the total pretax amount and they don't charge taxes on the amount of the rebate when used for on a purchase.


how about the math of staffing slowly but surely inflating prices well over 11% over the past year and a half to compensate the "rebate" amount? Menards no longer has genuine sales but has ads merely listing "everyday low price" minus the rebate amount. Menards is no longer the low price leader


So, you're leaving Menards to never return? Great...You WILL NOT be missed. Tschuss


With customers leaving left and right menards is going to end up following in the footsteps of stores like k mart, sears, shopko, circuit city, bon ton, payless shoes, blockbuster video, lord & taylor, pier 1 and a slew of other retailer that have gone under. If you are an employee and tell customers to their face " So, you're leaving Menards to never return?

Great...You WILL NOT be missed.

" then either you're employment with the company or the company as a whole will "not be missed" due to poor customer service. Do you really think anyone is going to support a business that hires short tempered staffing???

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