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On Saturday 8-24-13 I went to a Menards storelocated at 300 N Randall RD in Batavia IL. I had approx. $300 worth of items to purchase for a home I recently just bought. 3 of the items were plywood. In the isle the plywood I loaded with my wife were stacked in front of a sign that read 9.37. When I went to check out I was told they were $15 plus some odd cents.

When I went back to the isle to show the team member the sign, he told me flat out "oh that an employee must have placed the sign in front of them not knowing and that it was the employees fault for putting them there". I then asked him if they were going to acknowledge the price since it was obviously an employee's fault. He stated that he could not give me the price, so I contacted the manager and he went on for a 5 minute rant on how he was sorry and that he couldn't give me the price he would have it moved etc. at this point I asked him why he was going to sit there and make every excuse in the book which I don't want to hear instead of just acknowledging they made the mistake give me the price which was only a total $15.00 difference off my total purchase , never did he offer to remedy the situation. So needless to say I walked out from the store not purchasing $300 plus of other items

over an obvious mistake they made. Since I purchased my new home I've been

going to Menards. But after this experience I'm sorry to say as a new home owner which is looking to repair plenty of things in my newly purchased home will never return to Menards and take my business right down the road to Home Depot.

Monetary Loss: $350.

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Within the last year or so, I have been catching more and more price errors during checkout. When this seemed to happen on nearly every visit, I became extremely meticulous checking stock numbers and details and weekly ads precisely.

It happened again over some *** LED light bulbs - right sticker and price but nearly identical, nevertheless wrong stock above the sticker - one digit off on the SKU. Perhaps they are simply careless or just cannot keep up with price changes and shelf labels, but I have yet to encounter an error which favored me. The headache of it all is the irritating delay while they cross check and so forth.

Perhaps we are the new quality control system for Menards - why not save big money by letting your customers to the manager's job.


oberto0 may be partially correct. There are a few states that have laws concerning pricing errors and some even require price tags on the product.

It's only proper that a store have the right to collect the correct price. In the case of plywood at Menards the sign with the price would also state the size and grade of the plywood.

The plywood taken to the register would have been a different thickness, overall size or grade than the consumer had expected to pay for. They should have just brought up the plywood he was expecting to pay $9.37 for.

@Get what you pay for

Glad somebody said what I w as thinking if the sign was labeled for this product (sale sign left up) they would have in fact given you the 9.37 price. If it was clearly labeled for a different product they will not give you the price.

How do they know you didn't move the sign for a lower price? Moral of the story read the signs they all have descriptions on them.


oberto0 doesn't know the law apparently. Any business reserves the right to correct their pricing.

I don't shop at Menards but I know they have 10's of thousands of items. Pretty hard to get them all right all of the time I'm sure.


Look it up, Mr. Lawyer.

I don't print what I can't prove.

Sure the store can correct their pricing....I would hope so. But if their scanner charges you a higher price than the item was marked the consumer can collect a "bounty":

Now chain yourself up with the other 999 at the bottom of the sea.


Look it up. Sure they can correct their wrong prices...I would hope so. Now, join your other 999 cohorts chained up at the bottom of the sea.


So you spent the money on gas and spent the time to go to Home Depot. How much did they charge you for the plywood? Bet it wasn't $9.37.


@ Heartless and Where OMG, really? This is the VERY reason for the law.

To protect consumers from a business with minds just like yours. Thank God the majority of people don't think like you do.

BTW Heartless "It could be WORST.."? It sure could if you make it to management at Menards.

And you'd be surprised to know just how many doctor's do overcharge for services. That is one of the big reasons health care and insurance is so *** expensive.


You're not entitled to a lower price. Why make a fuss over a little error in pricing? You never make mistakes? What if every time you made a mistake someone made a demand for you to take full responsibility and to give them your hard earned money. Why not just be an honorable person accept the price and move on? Whats so hard about that? Why come online and make a fuss about it? Seriously its like 6 dollars. It could be WORST you could be charged an extra $300 by your a doctor for a TEST YOU NEVER TOOK.

One other very common way prices get jacked up is some customer moves the prices or the items and doesn't put it back. Happens all the time at my store.

Oh and Home Depot is no better.


Where do you draw the line? This was only a few dollars, so big deal right?

What if the price said $9.00 and the item was suppose to be $9900? What if it was suppose to be $299.00? Are you going to judge what is acceptable.

If you sit there and tell me they should honor the price no matter what, people would be switching signs all day long to get $500 items for $1.99. Come on man.


Once again a brave "anonymous" weighs in with his superior intelligence and claim of an "entitlement" issue without knowing the facts. Charging a customer more than what the advertised price shown in the store is illegal, period.

Most stores abide by this law and will pay a bounty when it's brought to their attention. In this case it was brought to Menard's attention before it was paid for, so they really don't have to do anything but advise the correct price. Obviously, the point that is made very clearly is Menards lack of concern for the customer's time in loading a product that wasn't priced appropriately, and the fact that failure in recognizing this now loses yet another good customer.

Poor management and poor customer service, pure and simple. And the reason for most of the complaints.


Just another example of how our country is going to ***. This sense of entitlement for everyone, it was a mistake, who knows how it happened but it was a mistake.

You don't "deserve" a lower price.

Get off your high horse and look in the mirror, and do what's right. You will be amazed at how you feel as well as how other people view you.


1st, a store has the right to charge the proper price for an item. It may have been an employee that moved the sign to the wrong spot, another customer or even you.

Mistakes happen, that doesn't mean you get a super deal on a product.

2nd, I'll bet that if the sign had said $15 and the register rang the price as $9.37 you wouldn't have said a word. Fair is fair, stores deserve to get the proper price for the products they stock.


Not that I don't agree with you, because where I have worked if price tag was misplaced and the guest saw it we acknowledged the price and moved on. Sometimes though they can't and that's it.

Yes, it's Menards' fault and mistakes happen.

You make sound like it was such traumatic experience, I can tell you right now that Home Depot will say "No" too.


Self entitled much? "Which I don't want to hear," number one problem of customers is THEY DON'T WANT TO LISTEN. They want to stomp their feet, cry and belittle you until they get what they want.

I just read a great article you should check it out


Oh and Home Depot is no different they have just as many complaints on here as Menards. However, 75% of the complaints on here for both places are totally unfounded and posted by BAD CUSTOMERS.