Osage Beach, Missouri

Took a online ad to the store for a outdoor fireplace and they would not honor it ... The ad read- Alpine fireplace w/2 wood boxes for 787.02 dollars.

I am building a house as we speak w/ a outdoor fp and my friend from the Mid America Bank and Trust faxed this to me knowing I am building this so I get in my truck drive straight to Osage Beach, Mo. location expecting to get this item Instead I was looked at like I WAS *** FOR BRINGING IT IN! The male worker in the store said " well , obviously there has been a mistake in this ad... I say OK, I want this fireplace in this ad for the amount shown he says well , we can't do that it's a mistake ....

On and On no deal! Finally after about 3-4 hours they said they would give it to me at cost ...

$2,900.00 vs. $787.02 this is FALSE ADVERTISEMENT!

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Deal.

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As they say, if it looks too good to be true, it's probably not!!


***... :roll :eek :eek :p :roll


On top of everything that has already been posted...most places will not match online ads even from within the organization. They are usually separate divisions of the company if it was an online ad you should have purchased it online. And again it is not False Advertisement it is was a misprint...if you read the fine print most ads will say something about not being liable if their is a misprint in the prince.


Interesting, I went to Menards website and search Alpine fireplace and I see nothing with the prices you listed. You get 1 option that matches your description of w/2 wood boxes, price is then determined by the area code you give.

I typed in my zip code and the price came out to Sale Price: $4,003.74.

I see 3 possible causes to the major price differences; the add you brought in could have been printed off with a cheaper price because of a different area code, it was an attempted scam by your part or whoever gave you the add, and finally it could have been as simple as a printing error in WHICH CASE again Menards does not have to honor the price. THE ONLY PRICE THEY HAVE TO HONOR OF AN ONLINE ADD IS THE ONE THEY CAN SEE ON THEIR WEBSITE, not some print out you bring in.


Its a misprint and not a false ad! Your a crook if you thought you would get it for about 1/5th of retail!

You knew it was a mistake and your not very intelligent for driving that far and not checking first! :eek :eek :eek :roll :roll :roll :x :x :grin :grin :grin