Last week I was at the local menards store and intending to purchase 3 outdoor flower pot vases. I send a picture to my husband and he verified they will look nice in the yard.

However when I went to the register the items scanned at $8.00 each higher than listed price and the total was $27 with tax higher than I anticipated so of course I mentioned to the cashier. She rings a bell and tells the main cashier person. The main cashier walks away and calls the garden area over the radio. After a couple of minutes she returns and states the higher price is correct.

I go back out to the garden area to find an employee and show them the price I saw. However, when we walk over to the area the plastic sleeve for the price tag is empty. I said 5 minutes ago there was a price tag there and now it's missing? He "plays dumb " saying sorry ma'am theres no price tag.

I realize I happen to have the photo I sent my husband which just happened to include the missing price clearly in the plastic price sleeve. The employee turns bright red and pulls the price tag out of their Menard's apron. I said basically you pulled the price tag, so I wouldn't get the price stated? He says ma'am that price is from last year and no longer valid.

I ask where's the expiration date, to which he says the price went up, but we never changed the price. I ask him how had the nerve to pull the price tag before I had a chance to show an employee, and states he's just doing what he was told to do.

At this point I choose to just walk away after realizing how Menard operates and tell the cashier she has a lot of nerve instructing an employee to quickly pull a price tag in question before the customer returns to the area. She sarcastically says " have a nice day" as I leave the store.

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