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I think it should be an option for people to we're masks or not.

Plus what if your a single parent and have children then you won't let them in. Your basically loosing money at that point.

Plus my children wouldn't were a mask if they did enter your store because they would just rip it right off.

But we as free people in the USA have the right to choose to do things or not especially if it's as silly as to were a mask or not.

If you force people to we're the masks you will end up hurting your business cause people will go else were because it's ridiculous.

I'll will be giving negative ratings all around and passing this information on FB and the web with others helping until this matter is addressed and changed.

User's recommendation: Don't go if your being forced to do anything you don't agree with also help the single parents out that have kids cause kids aren't allowed.

Preferred solution: Change in how they do business.

Menards Cons: See complaint.

Location: 14011 W 135Th St, Olathe, KS 66062

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I cannot wear a mask because of medical conditions and was turned away by the Menards door bouncer(Independence Missouri)very rude also.Im done with Menards as for now Lowes,Home Depot etc will get my money.Shame on you Menards forcing mask on your customers. Costco policy is reasonable as I let them know I cant wear one and is no problem.Thank You Costco


This whole coronavirus thing is a transfer of wealth to the super rich. John Menard, Walmart, and McDonalds are getting filthy rich while all the small businesses suffer.

I went to Menards a couple of weeks ago and there was no one limiting the entrance of people... it was a free-for-all. No social distancing whatsoever! The mask policy at Menards is a feel good effort to continue packing people into the store without consideration of their health or safety.

The logic is that if everyone wears a mask, they can stand on top of each other. Ridiculous!!


John Menard also has the right to protect his employees from the virus in any way he can. He is limiting the number of people in the store by basically stopping whole families from entering the store.

One family member is all it takes to enter the store to purchase what the family needs.

Requiring face masks of all employees and customers also helps reduce the transmission of the virus. I don't think I have it and would prefer not to wear a mask myself but in the interest of the common good I will do the right thing and use a mask.


OH I see, so everytime anyone has a cold, they should just be staying home, as they might expose someone. Immunity systems are built by being AROUND germs, not by protecting every ounce of your body by keeping germs away from you.

You might want to help yourself and your immunity system out by studying just exactly what KEEPS you healthy. It's quite interesting how our bodies are made by our Creator to do work WITH germs! Wow, people have bought in to the recommendations without even realizing!

If a person only knew what this is truly doing to themselves, we would be removing the masks and helping us all MORE! BUT, because the United States does have the freedom of speech (so far) I will be gracious to allow you to have your own opinions and views and wish you abundant health!

@Kathy C

How may people are killed by a common cold?


Logical fallacy

@Kathy C

I’m sure what you know about the human immune system can fill a gnats *** with the extra room for a hurricane. You are so wrong in your basis.

Yes the immune system works by fighting what is caught. And in fighting it we developed immunities. But you’re not taking into account that some ppl have immune systems that are compromised. Perhaps due to illness but usually from old age.

By your logic they should just expose themselves to something that will kill them. Ask yourself a serious question. Would you want one of your elderly relatives whom you love so much to catch covid and DIE?? That is what you’re risking and suggest that everyone else risk with your nonsense.

Let’s keep the informing to the actual doctors. Unless there is a PHD on your office wall for immunology you’re woefully under qualified to suggest that your opinions on the situation is anything but your opinions. If our immune system was so powerful it would have killed off ALL STDs including HIV. You just have to accept that there is a microscopic organism that will kill humans.

No amount of bluster or fear mongering is gonna change this reality.

Yes you may still have the freedom of speech but yelling fire in a movie theater will still put you in jail. Ppl wearing masks and social distancing is just some good old common sense.



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