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Attempted to make a return and merchandise was taken from me. No store credit or merchandise was offered to me. Don't shop at menards

User's recommendation: DON'T shop at menards.

Monetary Loss: $550.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Location: 2700 Highway 13 West, Burnsville, MN 55337

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Sounds like you were attempting to return an expensive high theft item without a receipt. Bring in you receipt and I'll bet you will either get a refund or you merchandise back.

There is no reason you shouldn't be able to come up with a receipt (unless the item was stolen). As most purchases are made with credit or debit cards they even have computers you can use to print a duplicate receipt right in the front of the store.


Received $300 item for Christmas that was defective from day one. I explained the item never worked from day one, brought in box and all packaging.

Return cashier plugs in and makes awful grinding noise. She calls another cashier over who asks in a firm monotone voice "where is the receipt" I state I was just given it as a Christmas gift and never worked out of the box. She yanks the item from the original cashier, places it and the box on the back side of the returns booth, hides in the corner and discreetly speaks to someone over her ear headphones. She writes a note on a piece of paper and discreetly shows it to the original cashier out of view of me and walks away without talking to me.

The original cashier then tells me they need my name and phone number to contact me at another time. I am confused and caught off guard however explained without receipt they are unable to verify payment and will be retaining the property. I explain again it was a Christmas gift and never worked from day one. I ask to speak to a manager again however informed no one will speak to me.

I explain the item was a menards house brand therefor could have not been purchased elsewhere. I then explain it was a gift from out of state relatives who shipped Christmas gifts to us in lieu of seeing each other in person this year and he most likely purchased from a menards store near them in Chicago. Again Im told I'm not receiving the item back nor a store credit. I asked since when is the customer guilty until proven innocent????

By this point the conversation drew an audience of customers staring in disbelief. Im informed the only option is to give my name and phone number to contacted later or menards keeps the property. I explain I refuse to call my bother in law and inform him I need a receipt for the gift he gave me because it was a lemon from the box. The customer then looks the the audience of customers staring and yells "next in line please" I told her I need someone to document that I am leaving my property at menards without payment.

Reluctantly Im able to get an employee put in writing they are withholding the item until they can verify payment was received.

I was planning a major house renovation over next spring and looks like home depot will be getting the sales. I will also continue to publicly shame menards for essentially reverse shoplifting until I receive a verbal apology for the situation and monetary compromised for the item that was defective from the box.


It can obviously be an item that came from Menards. What is not obvious was whether it was actually purchased.

If they have had a theft problem with this item you are going to need a receipt.

Contact your relative and ask for a receipt or copy of the receipt. It would have been great if they had included a gift receipt with the item as it also helps in warranty situations.


I walked in the front door with the item in plain view of the security cameras and return cashier who immediately says "how may I help you?" How could they even comprehend I shoplifted an item when I'm face to face with the cashier as soon as the automatic doors open? Also do you think I'm rude enough to call my brother in law and say " thank you for paying a significant amount of money to have our Christmas gifts shipped via ups, however the item you spend $300 on never worked from out of the box and now I need the receipt so I can try to exchange it, or even have the d@***n thing back since the store is now holding it hostage falsely accusing me of theft". Ive heard stories from 3 separate co workers being accused of shoplifting at menards, only to have the staff and rent a cops walk away with their tail between their legs when the customer voluntary empties his pockets only to find nothing of value, but having menards staff "repossess" items at the return desk with no monetary refund takes questionable menards operations to a whole new level.

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