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We had zero issues until we were going to check out. Walked around, shopped for items, talked to other associates- NO ISSUES- As we are checking out with a cashier- who also said nothing- Savannah (not our cashier) came up to us and stated that my husband needed to wear a mask.

We told her not only were we checking out, but that she is the only person who has stated we need a mask- remember weve talked to other associates and shopped- TONS of people are walking around with no mask, including employees!!! Our state doesnt have a mask mandate for people with vaccines- she then becomes rude and starts to raise her voice.

Horrible guest service!!! Unbelievable behavior for someone holding a highlighter in front of guest services

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Location: Foley, Alabama

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Grow up. Telling you to wear your mask is not rude . You must be in preschool to mistake this as rude


Exactky. They are behaving like 2 year olds.

When asked to wear a mask they did not need to raise a mask.

If they are going to behave like toddlers. They will be treated like toddlers


Maybe your state doesn't require masks but the store does. They have large signs at the entrance stating that fact.

What make you think you are exempt from their policy? If you don't like it stay out.


The worst part is when asked to do something they do not want to do they mistake that as rude. That is what a toddler would do.

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