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Purchased a MENARD'S extended warranty for a Cuisinart coffee grinder/brewer. It needed to be fixed or replaced and it was under warranty that I purchased.

I had the original box, packaging, paperwork and receipts; they did not have any Cuisinart or any other coffee maker even close to compare for features or capabilities to trade; so I got "in store credit" instead of my money back to buy it elsewhere. Why buy a warranty if they won't honor as the warranty states. I understand their 90 day return policy BUT this IS different. I feel so cheated and argued this but got no where with customer service.

I DID NOT purchase this expensive coffee maker with store credit!!!

Wasted money and I WILL for sure tell every single person I talk to about this! It's a small town and word of mouth travels fast.


Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Menards Pros: Convenience.

Menards Cons: Employees lacking knowledge or common sense in most cases, Lack of concern for customer needs.

Location: 4809 Miller Trunk Hwy, Hermantown, MN 55811

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I take it you didn't bother looking at the brochure. It clearly states that they will either replace the item or give you compensation in the form of a store credit.

They provided exactly what is called for in the plan. You have nothing to complain about.


Oh I did indeed read it.....they had Nothing to compare with it and I had receipt in hand.....gimmick to make money on their end!!!!


The plan doesn't say they will replace the item or give you a cash refund. If you don't like the idea of the store credit they told you that you would get you shouldn't have purchased the plan.

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