Terre Haute, Indiana
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I bought sale items 2 different times at Menard's in Avon, IN. In both instances, they wanted me to take to cash back then re-purchase the item at full price.

They were very rude and refused to give me an e mail address for Menard's corporate office. The manager stated "the best I can do for you is split the difference between full and sale price." then walked away. The smells of 'baiting'. It was not the amount of money, it was the attitude of all involved with Menard's "customer service".

Shame on you Menards. These experiences left a bad taste in my mouth.

Monetary Loss: $25.

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WHY DONT YOU HAVE A RECEIPT? Why is it the stores responsibility to make up for your inability to hang on to receipt!?

Why should they break the rules for YOU? I wouldn't of given you anything back without a receipt!


Sorry I was so rude again, My boss read my reply and told me to tone down or I could lose my job as Internet complaint manager. Our store in wis.

is really battling with low revenues this past year, so I am in constant contact with the Avon, In. Store manager, whom by the way we went through Menards store management training together. I am still working on the new manual for all menard employees.

We are planning to change our complete return system, right now I am in contact with Barack himself to help me with the change. He did such a good job changing our healthcare I thought he would be a great source for changes here at menards also.


Perhaps they were being rude because you were being rude. If you want good customer service try being a good customer!

Furthermore your story sound like it's missing important information. Did you have a receipt? If an item was on sale and you try to return and item you get the sale price value not the regular price value. You failed to mention if you were returning items or exchanging items?

And if you were exchanging items what was wrong with the original items you purchased? I'm 100% positive Menards had a very clear reason as why they wanted you to do this, but you failed to comprehended it.


Well, Heartless is back at it making assumptions and pretending he knows it all about Menards just because he works at a Wisconsin store. He thinks he knows that you were rude, and that you forgot your receipt.

He has no idea how *** he looks when he makes these assumptions. ***, if you are THAT good then you should be reading palms and working with a crystal ball or something.

What a joke.

Bottom line, he and most other Menards employees don't want your business because it only means more work for them. Something they definitely don't want to do for a living.


speaking of people making assumptions.....


WELL at least you were offered something, be glad! You will get no where trying to contact administration, they have themselves so insulated its unreal.

I thought the Anderson store was the only store giving people this kind of poor customer service but obviously, I was wrong. Keith Clevenger is probably the worst excuse of management I have ever seen in my life! He has all contractor salesman cowering like scared puppies behind him. I will never darken the doors of the Anderson store again, and I suggest you stay away from the Avon store as well.

They really couldn't care less about the customer, as you found out. They lost me as a customer and not another dollar will be spent there.