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My husband and I visited Menard today with masks we brought with us on. I have Epilepsy and try to wear a mask but sometimes hyperventilate and HAVE to unhook my mask, I explained that and most employees all were very understanding about it.

Until we got to the register where Chelsie the checkout lady insisted I put it on after I explained my medical condition and did not care I would hyperventilate!!!. Yep just go into seizures I guess, she just cared about Menard mask policy. So did your female security guard whose named I didnt catch in the back pick up area of the store as well. Also while we were shopping we noticed at least 3 employees not wearing masks in different areas of the store, as well taking them off and on at will.

All of which I'm sure is on security feed from the store!.

Yes I do have pictures to back up my claim but I do not wish to get innocence employees in trouble but if corporate needs proof just ask......Please make sure medical conditions are acceptable and do not receive this treatment again please, my family spends A LOT of money in your store each year and has done so for years but I will not be treated this way due to a medical condition that is out of my control. Thank you Rebecca Gagne

Preferred solution: Apology.

Location: 3300 Ludington St, Escanaba, MI 49829

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There are several issues here. We are in the middle of a global pandemic and the people working at Menards (and Wal-Mart and gas stations and everywhere else that is open) are risking their lives and the lives of their loved ones to be there to help people with ESSENTIAL purchases.

The state is under a stay at home order. To keep everyone safe (other customers and employees) all they ask is that if you need to come in for essential purchases, please wear a mask to keep everyone else safe and limit the time in the store. One person per cart is the genereal state recommendation. You and your husband came in together to by non-essential garden fencing, and you didnt want to wear a mask.

When asked to comply with 1 of the 3 rules you were breaking, you post an indignant post about the store. What exacrly is wrong with you? Why are you above everyone else??

Think about what you're doing here, causing harm to a business and specific people because you felt like you shouldn't have to conform to any of the CDC guidelines or store policies? Why??


If your husband was with you was it necessary for you to be at the checkout with him? The reason you are requested to wear a mask is to protect their employees and other customers from a virus you might have.

You should have just let you husband check out and waited outside the exit doors for him. Menards is just following Michigans rules in requiring masks for both employees and customers.

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