Belleville, Illinois

ordered material and it was in for a week, no call from Menards, when checked on they have quit making calls and employee should have known that. I have had a contractor waiting for a week and now is on another project so I will have to wait several more weeks, aggrevating to say the least.

my time is valuable too.

Secondly, I came in to buy a new faucet and shower combination, couldn't get anyone to help for over 20 minutes, boy finally sold me items but when I went to install didn't have all the parts. Came back and they could match parts to what I needed so I had to go home get all the parts, return them and buy a complete new set that matched.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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I don't understand why you assumed you would be getting a phone call. Did somebody say they would call?


Every employee at Menards knows that they do not call when a special order comes in UNLESS THEY'RE BRAND NEW EMPLOYEE. I love how guest come on here and rage that everyone should know everything about where they work. I KNOW FOR A FACT THAT YOU DO NOT KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT YOUR JOB, especially with in the first year of working there.

I've been at Menards for almost 5 years now and the entire time I've been there they have NEVER CALLED ANYONE TO TELL THEM THEIR SPECIAL ORDER WAS IN. The original process when I started was Menards would send you a letter via regular mail to notify you it was in. Often your item would be at the store waiting for a day or two before you even knew it was in. To save money and make it a quicker process MENARDS SWITCHED OVER TO EMAIL notifications 4 YEARS AGO.

Secondly, why should some boy who is barely out of high school getting paid less than 10 dollars an hour know what you NEED? The real question you should be asking yourself is WHY DON'T I KNOW WHAT I NEED? Menards employees are not EXPERTS. Menards employees can tell you where an item is, if it's a good brand and finally what the box says. The one expectation would be a manager cause they get yearly training at seminars. Regardless you want real free advice use google.


Wow....Heartless says it all. Go somewhere else if you want good service.


Heartless you should stay away from a board that people complain about Menards when you work for Menards. I do know John Menard and he is a useless pile of flesh.

When I was working my way through college I delivered pizzas to him twice and he was too cheap to give any sort of tip.

This cheapness has cost him more then 10,000 in sales since I go anywhere else to buy the items I need for my house. Menards and John Menard suck!!!!!!!


Too bad