Omaha, Nebraska
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I went to menards at 120th and dodge in omaha ne. at 3pm today 9/24/11.

Went to the lawn and gardeen saw a edger and ask the employee about it. It said on the box 2 in 1 and asked what is the other thing it does. The employee looks and says I don't know went back to what she was doing and then just left the dept. I thought at least she might ask someone there who might know but no just left me standing there.

I am a handicapped person and its difficult to get around for me with lung damage from the military. So just to let you know I left and will not come back any more I guess I'll just go to home depot or lowe's.

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I work at Menards and I think it is pretty unfair to expect all of the workers to know everything about everything being sold in the store. I mean the store is giant it is enough work to know about the merchandise in my department let alone the rest of the store. But the employee was wrong, if I am unsure about a question a guest has I find someone that can help them better


menards does not have 2 entrances they have one entrance and one exit so if you want a *** cart put down the ciggerate so that you can breath and walk to the entrance door then when your done shopping walk to the exit door pay for all the *** you picked up then walk back to your car plain and simple its people like you that make me so happy i quit working retail


Menards have cut back on personnel, due to payroll. That does NOT excuse an employee from not finding someone in the department to help you!Booboo53, their are brown forms you can get at the service desk to fill out about your bad experience.

These go directly to the general office, and ARE read and taken seriously! Nikalseyn.....what does EXIT mean to you????? Go in the *** entrance doors(as you should!) and exit the exit doors!

Hmmmmmm......maybe park in the middle of the parking lot so you have access to both doors, or better yet, WALK!! Good god, why does every customer feel so damned entitled???????


I use to work at that store and I was there yesterday Sat. 9/24 as well.

I'll tell you, that is 1 of the best stores due to the management. However, Menards as a whole sucks. I'll be completely honest, when I worked there and people got mad and told me they would go to Home Depot or Lowes I didn't give 2 S**ts and I guarantee you go anywhere (Home Depot or Lowes) and they will feel the same way.

Go to Home Depot, go to Lowes, do you really think that your not shopping there will hurt Menards? You are sadly mistaken


I have almost stopped going to Menards for much the same reason, tho in our case, it is almost impossible to even find anyone who is working, no mind in which dept. or if they know anything about any dept.

in the store. In other words, employees are not to be found and if you actually do find one, they don't know anything about the product you are asking about as they "don't work in this dept." Also, Menards only has their shopping carts at the one entrance and if you go into the exit one in order to not have to walk thru the whole darn store, you cannot get a cart.

Lowe's in much more customer-friendly and the employees are easily found and seem to know what they are selling, etc. Stick with Lowe's if you can.