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I went to menards in Marion, ohio with the dimensions of my hot tub gazebo. I needed to order metal roofing for it. I gave them the dimensions and they told me what I needed and they placed the order. Well, it came in and only part was there. I took it and went home, they ordered the rest AGAIN-got the card it was in went back again-still wasn't correct.

Mind you I live 45 minutes away and this is costing me $40. in gas for $17 worth of product. Finally got it all (at least what they said I needed) started installing the roof and I only had enough to do half of it

so today I am going back to get the other half ORDERED AND THEN WILL HAVE TO GO PICK IT UP WHEN IT COMES IN with prie of gas iand their mistakes, it is going to cost me over $750 for something they said would be approx. $300. NEVER AGAIN AFTER THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the manager doesn't know any more than the employees do---guess they probably train them

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Manager.

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I *** hate the customer. I am not afraid to say it.

The wonderful thing about ordering anything from Menard Inc. is that we offer SHIPPING TO YOUR HOUSE!!! The fee is significantly cheaper then actually driving your *** to the store. Then, and this is my favorite, we often receive damaged product if we get it at all.

If you want to blame anyone for this, blame the *** company shipping it to us. I work over in the plumbing department and we Special Ordered a 3 piece tub surround for a guest that was supposed to be Bone. We received the product but one of the walls that they sent us was white. They come in single boxes.

Life's not perfect.

Shipping isn't either. So quit ****ing crying and pay the extra for shipping, which can be refundable.


MM, it is my opinion that this is not the forum for warm fuzzies, but rather a wonderful way for those of us who work at Menards to respond to the doucebags who refuse to pay attention to the world around them. I blame lawyers and lead paint for all the *** people in the world.

I'll bet that Takamiata is a cubicle guy who shuffles papers from tray 'a' to bin 'b' all day. Because that would clearly qualify him to install a metal roof. He knows what he's doing. Theres no chance that he listened to what Marion told him and did it his own way instead.

I'm sure he told Marion all they needed to hear to accurately sell the project.

I try to give people the benefit of the doubt, because they are *** but this guy iss a whiny ***, and thats just icky. And messy.


I have said this before. To our dismay, you will be back.

You are just one of many people who receive great service on many visits. But, the one time a mistake is made, OH MY JESUS. Look out.

Where are all the compliments from all of the times you did get that great service. Did you forget to post them?


well, what was your mistake?


dude menards sucks they are mean to their employees (I work there) one of the first weeks i was casheiring i got written up for a mistake.. i mean come on every one makes a mistake or too there first week...

ugh i dont like working there... and how do you expect someone like me that just started working there, as that is how it is for many employees, that we are going to know about every part in the store?

i like know nothing about any of that ***. so yea just lay off, you probably made some mistakes yourself


I find it hard to believe that no one thought to use the Design It Center. This is the touch screen computer right next to the Lumber counter that is basically a calculator for roofing materials.

All you have to do is enter the dimensions of the roof and pitch, overhangs, etc. and the machine spits out an estimate.


I hope that the all caps in the previous sentance was not too subtle a way to say that it is your fault you are a doucebag, not the Marion Menards doing.


i'm gonna guess there's something here you aren't revealing. rarely, if ever, does the wrong order come in multiple times, let alone once.