Green Bay, Wisconsin
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I went to my local Menards in Wisc. to purchase some plumbing parts to fix my kitchen sink and dishwasher. I was having trouble finding all that I needed and went to the service desk for help. A man there was talking on the phone, so I waited patiently for an opportunity to get some help. I saw some other workers, but they all were looking busy helping other customers. So I continued to wait for this male staff on the phone.

Now I don't know who he was talking to, but he was laughing several times while I waited for what was honestly five minutes. After this long I did take it upon myself to ask, "Excuse me" in a calm polite manner. This male staff's eyes bugged way out as he yelled at me "Can't you see I'm on the *** phone here?" He then turns away, laughs, and says "Can you believe these idiots" to whom ever he was talking to.

That was it. I couldn't believe he went off on me for just saying excuse me after all that time I had waited. I was so mad I just left. I knew if I tried to talk to him or anyone else at this point it wouldn't have been calmly. I just took the time to calm down as I drove elsewhere to get what I needed. Fortunately, I was treated well at the next store and got what I needed. But I will never go back to that Menards again.

Monetary Loss: $95.

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Hey oberto0, last night I hid sale items for myself and family members. I then cussed out guests, and played hide and seek to avoid helping them. I'm so unprofessional, you should write a comment to commend me of my "service" and "dedication" to guests.


What a *** comment. Some "anonymous" coward. Get a life, and a REAL job where you work for a living.


Hey Timmy (Anonymous). Sounds like you summed up what a Menards employee is like at your store.

Good thing there are some good stores and Menards employees who care enough to work hard and set a good American example. Something YOU obviously know nothing about.

All you Menards employees who come on here and TRY to discredit those who have had bad experiences are not helping at all. Have you no shame? Have you no common sense?

Try being REAL Americans by doing a good job with pride and respect for your fellow human beings.

And most of all...... GROW UP!


Employees aren't allowed to laugh, not even with customers. Noted.

Agreeable. If he was indeed with a customer on the phone he could have explained that situation to you and tried to call someone to assist you while he continues with this customer. Instead he was rude beyond measure which no one should ever have to experience.

At the same time, I have been on the phone with a customer trying to check out another customer in front of me while having yet another customer yell at me because I'm not answering their question.



Why even come here to defend Menards? It obvious that some times it happens differently than at the store you work at. And maybe, just maybe the people who post complaints here have a legitimate beef with how they were treated.

"Employees aren't allowed to laugh?"

Maybe the fact they were "laughing several times" while on the phone with this customer waiting shows it may not have even been another customer on the phone. Especially when he then laughs again and comments to this person their on the phone with. I suppose you will just say, "Menards employees know they aren't allowed personal calls while working". Exactly!!!