Rice Lake, Wisconsin
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As I was standing looking at the candy display two employees come walking by me very fast and one of them asked me if I was looking for dinner. I suppose because I am overweight he apparently thought it would be funny and impress his co-worker.

I got a good look at him and when I go back I'm taking his name and I'll write him a nice review.

I'm also calling the store and making a complaint. This hasn't been the first time I've been insulted, but it will be the last time.

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Simple solution... Put the candy down and eat a "SMALL" salad you fat B*tch!!!!!

People like you disgust me. :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry HE CALLED ME FAT!!!!


Drew Your like everyone else --selfish, rude and *** - be quiet :p


No....jacoka12, you have a problem. An eating problem. Lol, get it?


the only point i'm trying yo make is that we don't need to treat people badly and if you need to do this then YOU have problem.


Man or woman you are not the problem jacoka12. Kevin here is basically accusing you picking on smaller people and he begs about beating up younger children.

Kevin you are in seventh grade, and beat up a ten year old. (fourth or fifth grader) and then you go judging other's.

Kevin if I were in seventh grade and I ever talked to an adult that way about sex I would be grounded for life. Then again when I was in seventh grade we did not have sites like this. Infact we did not have internet at all.


actually georgina i am 12 and in seventh grade now.


so all this time i was talking to a lady, well hippo hits hope you like sex on the bottom otherwise you would crush your love to death. better stick with oral sex.


Hey people --I'm a women and even tough I am a bit heavy I sure don't weigh a ton and I am still attractive to many. which proves my point that women have to be practically anorexic before anyone thinks they are attractive,which by my posting here proves my point over and over Osmo --you don't get it because you are too ignorant -- by the way what do you look like? does't matter your a ***


Dude what's your deal? It's like that everywhere and usually meant as a petty non-offensive joke.

Don't make such a big deal about it.

And don't sit there making fun of Sue.. Your fat *** wasn't looking for a healthy meal either.

You tell her to eat healthy to so her brain can keep up with customers when brainless customers like you don't practice what you preach.. That obviously wouldn't require much effort on her behalf.


Kevin coming from someone who beats up four and ten year olds you have no right to judge what kind of man jacoka12 is. You are how old (sixth grade so 11-12 and beating up four year olds and bragging about it.


leave sue alone does it make you feel like a man to pick on women. if you ate healthy you would not way a ton.


Sue--- YOU ARE AN ***! Please eat some healthy food so your brain can keep up with your customers.

And Thanks!

because I'm really not all that enthused about Menards anymore-I'm going back to Target and my local Hardware store so I can get some quality AMERICAN MADE products. :p


I work at Menard's and we have several team members who eat candy for their breaks or dinner? Why are you offended? Sounds like a personal problem to me.


what have got to complain about? I'm really surprised :?


what complaint would that be?- :cry :cry


you go away i was a member of this site since june 3 when i made my complaint and i have four complains.you joined august 13


Kevin - go away-you don't get it :p :p :p


You are arguing with a sixth grader Jacoka ignore him.


you shut up maybe if you kept your mouth shut you would not be eating food to make you look like an elephant


KEVIN!!!! wtf--if I may quote Angry Kelly--SHUT UP!!!!